A musing on life

It is July.  Time for a Ramble…

You know you wanna.  Especially when I’m in this state of mind…

Never underestimate the power of human stupidity any more or less than you would the power of human ingenuity and imagination. They exist in inverse correlation to each other.

Since light is both a particle an a wave, and as a particle and a wave it is doing multiple things at once, it exists liminally as a quantum object.

My life is highly liminal — gender, sex, ethnicity, education, economics, and more — and so I exist discretely in multiple forms engaged in multiple activities at once as well.

Thus, if A = A, then I exist as a quantum being.

Ashley Love recently went off about roses.  She forgot, however, that there are four subgenera of Rose, and one of them has 11 sections to it, leading into a blossoming of 1– different species, all of which are, properly, called Roses.

When I see that kind of subdividing of a community into those that are and those that are not, and I think about standard principles of taxonomy — that is, naming of things that are like each other based on how alike they are and how different they are (both parts having equal importance) — I know, simply, that the people thinking that and doing that are existing at a level that is, to me, unimaginably shallow.

A rose is but a rose

To use a different metaphor, Ashley — and others who like to say that cross dressers and non surgically tracked, and gender queer, and all the rest are not “their kind” of trans people — is dipping her toes into the pool of understanding, because that’s as much as she can stand. She can’t swim, and heaven forfend she wade into it, as that might mean she would really get wet.  Especially with folks like myself so ready to give her a good dunking.

The deep end of the pool, then, in this metaphor, is where I and others are — and, in truth, it is a wild and woolly end of the pool and I don’t think most people would like the often brackish and thick quality of the space out here. Most folks will like it where the pool is clear and kinda sparkly.

And it should be noted that the only reason what Ashley is doing is wrong is that she’s basically causing some people to stay far, far away from the pool, and she’s blocking the access to the pool, and she’s telling folks to look away from the pool, and this is, again, a pool of understanding.

She doesn’t have to come to understanding, nor do other people. That isn’t important.  But blocking that access to it?  That is wrong, and that hurts people.

Transness is not a wrongness.  There is nothing wrong with being Trans.  It is not a medical condition. It is not sinful, or evil, or perverted, or bad for you. It is not a mental illness, or something to be fixed. It does not end, or pass over or get escaped from.

There are things about being Trans that are problematic for some trans people, but they are relatively easily remedied (in the great scheme of things — on the ground in the trenches, it ain’t so much fun and easy is not a word one would use).

Transness is, in and of itself, is not a bad thing, in other words.

Some people want to believe it is. And, oddly enough, people will believe what they want to believe.  They are really, really good at that. Belief, though, is not entirely reasonable. Belief takes over where knowledge ends.

Which is why it is such a powerful weapon.

But note that when people use some aspect of science to support their belief, they are doing the science a disfavor. Science is not about what people believe, and, indeed, using science to provide evidence for a belief is about as unscientific and wholly anti-intellectual as one can get.

Think about how many times a day you read or hear about someone else — or even yourself — talking about belief.

Each of those times is an example of people talking about something they don’t actually know anything about — but they are talking about something they believe, and they can and do believe anything they damn well want to believe in. Makes it easy to escape and avoid truths, which are, as many know, always far stranger than fiction.  Because fiction has to make sense. Truth doesn’t.

Me, I believe I’ll have another drink.

So, yeah, I switched servers.

I divided up the domains that I am both personally and professionally responsible for onto two different servers.  One is new, and one is a reset server with new software and all the rest.

In the process of setting up the site anew, I changed a fe things.  One is that I never liked the old system for the URL’s — I really didn’t like, and still don’t, the whole ?=id12345 stuff the site used to create when I posted, so I changed that.

Which means that links are broken. I am unlikely to fix them. It also means that now the posts are linked by something relating to their titles.  And the automatically generated stuff will still allow you to find things.  I’ll put a search bar up, but I am also fairly certain that this will free me up from having certain searches keep coming up — at least until the major search engines fix themselves.

So let’s see…

Facebook is integrated with the site now. Comments are through it.  You can sign in to the site via Facebook, or not.  This is funny, as my time on Facebook is fairly limited. It is, however, where a lot of trans folk in the Phoenix area can be found.

Better ways to get to a story — the title of the post is now going to be the URL.

Posts can now be downloaded as PDF’s. That is pretty cool, really. It means I can finally get around to picking my best stuff out. It also means that my old stuff can be used against me easier, lol.

I’m going to find a way to link my tumblr to this site or vice versa — and yet keep them separate.  I post my meaner stuff on tumblr these days, the shorter pieces. I belong to a particular generation, and tumblr belongs to a different one.

Amberspace has been redone.  Back in March, I believe.  I am sad to see that much of the really good info has been lost.  I loved that stuff — her writings helped me through some of the darkest times of my life.  I owe her a world of thanks and a deep debt of gratitude — Florida would have been more difficult without it.

Over a million words are stored here. This makes it the single largest repository of my writing outside the four boxes of stuff that are piled up in a storage room, and the two filing cabinets that are located next to this desk and in a closet.  With this new server set up, most of the stuff here is going to be transferred to a new website. That will, over time, also serve as the gateway to my future enterprise.  I am big about the idea of shifting one’s reality for relaxation, and I’m bent on creating a very specific kind of escape, as well as a firm fixture for reference work going forward.  Despite my age, I still want to write that one really cool novel.

Ok, yeah, I’ve written a few, even been published, blah blah fing blah, but none of it was what I wanted to do.  That’s been percolating in my head, and I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of it. We’ll see. That’s a back burner kind of thing and will eventually  become a big deal.

First I have to figure out how to make it happen. Perhaps a wiki to start…

my self named site is also down.  The one that I was using for my election effort. I will do so again — it is tentatively scheduled for 2014, but that is going to depend on where things are with TIH. If I cannot leave it then, then it bumps to 2016, but there will be no later bump, so I have a relatively few months to make it happen properly.

The new districts are interesting, and the one I am currently in provides for some fascinating possibilities.

So I took a breakdown of the numbers that I used in my Prevalence births diversity post and applied the Phoenix Metro area numbers them.  Knowing that the 1 in 500 number is about as conservative as one can get and still remain in the realm of being accurate in the number of people one is talking about (that is, in the reality based world), I am pretty frightened to think that my numbers show that while TIH is reaching out to two of the groups that need a great deal of help, the one group to which I lean the most, and to which my children belong is not among those I am reaching effectively.

This being a failure, I am, of course, using the I term.  ere it a success, I would use the we term.  WHich is important because what this really means is that my assistance — the people who help me to do these things — is lacking in a critical way, and that isn’t the fault of the people I have, that is a fault of mine for not finding the right people.

Secret of a good manager — you get the best people to help you make the best decisions. Doing it all yourself just leads to never getting anything done in the speed with which it needs to be done, and speed is life (thank you , Bonnie).

I don’t like like to fail. But I also learn from such.

The TIH house was down to three people a week ago.  Today it looks to be nearly full again.

I am sorta freaking out there…

It also means that I need to get with the potential new house manager and chat with her at length, to be sure that we can work together. She is out of state and would have to move, and I would hate to put someone in a position where they travel a long way just to end up less than happy about things.

I would also like to have the house manager not live at the facility, but that’s a personal thing that may or may not have any real impact.

Mortgage payment is due again. I hate stressing this little stuff.

I’ve taken the time to re-do the back end for my posting, so that when I post, I remember to do some of the more interesting things I can do now. The possible stuff that can go along with just writing a single post these days is pretty incredible, really.

Arizona was in the news today.  The deal is there’s an idiotic effort to say that the state can choose to override federal laws that the people feel are unconstitutional. There is not one, but two versions of this that will be on the ballot this election cycle.

The cynicism in me (and cynicism is a bad thing) says they will both pass.

So much for climate change not happening, huh?

One of the things that gets me about climate change arguments is that really, the whole purpose of making all these changes is o that we don’t have to pay too great a price for the actions of our forebears.

Climate change means that the things we know and love and all too often take for granted will all hae to change.  And those in power don’t want that to happen.

My personal feelings about out oil based economic stuff won’t change anytime soon — and are not dependent on ideas like peak oil and all the the rest.  They are based on the fact that underneath my thin veneer of modern girl, I’m a nature girl.

Plus, I just really don’t like cars.

Small businesses aren’t good at job sustainability.  They are awesome at personal sustainability.

Warfare is most ugly when it is a war about poverty.  Poor people hate it when people try to take their stuff.

Socialism is equalizing everyone’s relative economic power via the FIAT of government.

Not really fond of that.

However, I do believe in a maximum wage to go with our minimum one. If we are going to have one — and I believe we should — then we ought to have the other.  At what point did we start to forget that no one succeeds with out the help of others?

Oh, wait, that’s right.  We are someone running for President for whom the idea of being poor means living above the poverty line. Something he did three and four decades ago while still having the safety net of rich mom and dad.

Heroism is doing what’s right without regard for the personal sacrifice one might make in pursuit thereof.

That sacrifice usually has a great price, a cost so dear few others would willingly make it.

We recognize that.

You and I, my friend, can, each one of us, if we so choose, begin to fill this world with heroes.

All we need to do is each be a hero, by ourselves, of ourselves, and for ourselves.

And that will be two heroes to start with.

IF DNS doesn’t resolve properly today, I am throwing in the towel and learning from someone else instead — and it will cost me money I do not have to do it.


The numbers work. I’ve followed them everywhere, and yet…

the site is still invisible.

No, not this one. The other one.

I noticed that SAET’s site went private.

Good for her. Better for the rest of us.

be nice if more sites would follow suit — the radfem sites especially. Members only means that you only ever have to deal with members.

When I was very little, and the Birchers were around, there was a lot of talk about doing similar stuff for themselves — taking it private, exclusive, members only.

Because most of the world around them simply wasn’t ready for what they had to say, and was completely crazy.

I see the same sentiment echoed — word for word — by folks like Brennan, and Rose verbena, and so forth and so on.  I do not see the same thing being presented by the professional haters — FOTF, AFA, TVC, etc. One Million Moms, I will point out, is only 1 in 150.

They will, though. They always do.

It freaks people out that I don’t go stir crazy all that easily.

I can, seriously, spend weeks without going out more than once a day.

I cannot, however spend more than about three days without some serious alone time.

Pixie keeps telling me she wants to get her own Facebook page. I keep explaining to her that we don’t have a large enough keyboard for her to use.

She’s a little poodle, granted, but she’s not that little.

Her coat has been growing back from the shave down, and she’s entered that irresistibly cute phase. Curls are just forming.

Brown brown eyes…

My own hair is driving me nuts. I have the worst of all of my mixed heritage. And then its also become much thinner.  If let to air dry, it curls wonderfully, but it is also heavy, so it lays flat along half the length and then tight curls hit, and I don’t have to do much of anything.

It is half way down my back. Taken me years to get it there.

Now if only it grew in all over, I’d be thrilled.

Which reminds me, I need to either find someone to do a weave, or I need to get two new hairs.  This straight hair thing has finally gotten to where I am tired of it.

Probably doesn’t hurt that my style has been discontinued as well.


changing fashions girl problems…

It never ceases to amaze me how much energy people put into getting others to get over their privilege.

That ignores the whole problem with privilege, in and of itself — it isn’t something you get over. It is just something you get, and you don’t get a lot of choice in the matter.

and, once again, privilege isn’t something one has over another. It is something one has the ability to do, that another person does not have the ability to do, that exists irrespective of anything other than social habit.

Women can accomplish many things with great ease. They don’t get to do those things because they do not have privilege that men have.

And yes, guys, you do have it.

And yes, some trans women forget that they have lost it.

Related to the above, ya’ll know I am a black woman with white privilege, right?

Brennan says that genitalia determine sex, then says that trans people are obsessed with genitalia,

The stupid, my friends, it burns.

She’s always so reliable these days.  Used to be a time when she was much, much more circumspect in her ways of being a total fucking turd about trans stuff.  She would talk around things, avoid discussions, and tended not to use triggers or engage in patently obvious trolling and bullying techniques.

These days she is just all the way out there, in complete escapist land along with the million moms and Shirley Roper Phelps.

I was going to use some words that indicate she’s mentally unhealthy, but then it occurred to m that while I could diagnose her, it would be unethical to then go on and say what that diagnosis is.

And I have reason to pay close attention to ethics of late.  The stuff I am working on for the longish term is very important.

But wow, to think that I can just go visit twitter at any time of the day and pull an instantly usable quote from her and use it against her because of her own constantly developing failures to deal with reality is  stunning.

Whoever it was that broke her little butch heart by transitioning, I feel for you. She has got to be the worst possible partner these days…

Ok, that’s enough rambling for now. I am off and running to see the day…