My Tumblr Bio

I thought it would be interesting to post the “about” that I whipped together for tumbler here, and then add some thoughts about it afterwards.

Who is Toni D’orsay, aka Dyssonance?

She is black and white and red all over.  She is from Arizona, a veteran, and is, much to her personal chagrin, approaching 50 way too damned fast for her own comfort.

She is an internet gunslinger of sorts at times.  She works at a charitable organization for trans people that provides housing and classes to help make life better.

She is an egotistical, arrogant, prudish, vindictive little fuck that needs to have her head opened up and examined preferably by untrained people.

She is one sick puppy.  She is scum that eats the livers of young children for breakfast, and she doesn’t even like liver.

She is the guy you were warned about, the dark shadow that you catch out of the corner of the eye as you walk by those dark alleyways.

She’s probably trans, but she lies about everything, so you can’t even be sure that’s true.  When given a choice between the lady or the tiger, she’s the tiger. With rabies. And one of those matador swords in her neck.

You know that feeling you get when you are in the middle of a really scary movie or book, and something happens to make you jump? Well, if you do know that feeling, she’s like that. If you don’t, well, you’ll find out and be screaming as your brains drip down the back of your throat.

She cheats. She’s crazy, ugly, guilty, shame filled, and miserable.  She’s what you think of when you close your eyes and envision the worst of what humanity has to offer.

She is among the worst of the transgender kooks, a loose cannon, someone to be worried about, a sociopathic nutjob, a perverted, mutilated freak whose only value in this world is that she serves as a punching bag for others.

She is, then, everything that a lot of people who spend their time trying to say mean, nasty, ugly, hurtful things to other people dislike, because she isn’t affected by any of the old reliable and standard nasty, ugly, hurtful things and she’s the one who wrote all of this. Much of which was on the suggestion of those who don’t like her.

Her fans are the people who hate her. The people who like her are generally called “borg”, “cultists”, “loons”, “creeps”, “weirdos” and various other terms all indicating “people that no one wants to be around”.

She writes a blog (a wordpress blog, of all things, holy shit, what, is she stuck in the last decade or what?) that exists under the domain of

She is 5 foot 8, 145 pounds, employed but with no income, and helping trans people *is* her job.  She went and got a life, and it is a pretty good one, overall, that she enjoys far more than she finds troublesome.

This is her:

Toni D'orsay -- Dyssonance

So, um, yeah…

You might be wondering why so much of the above is so incredibly not flattering to me.

Well, it comes from a couple of things. One, I have an ego that threatens to alter the galactic balance of power in the universe. Through sheer size.

Two, my particular way of talking about and dealing with people, ideas, and situations tends to really get some people *very* angry towards me.  ANd, in all fairness, on occasion they get me pretty peeved as well, but for the most part I look on all of it with a sort of strange and twisted half grin on my face because at this point, I can see what’s coming and I’m getting to the point where I can see when it is coming, as well.

I’ve been doing this kind of online activism for something close to 7 years now. I’ve been doing real life daily offline activism for about 6 years. I was doing other forms of activism and other stuff both online and offline for years before that.  I have probably something like 45 different online names I’ve used in all those years.

The stuff above is really just a sample of the stuff that is typically said about me by people who don’t like me very much. Some of them are people I’ve only ever encountered online, others are people I’ve met at a conference, and still others are people who quite literally have met me face to face and gotten to know me to some extent.

The good news is that I’m generally a somewhat kind, marginally fair person who has a pretty strong personality. I love to cook, I like to garden, and I have a sense of the world around me that is very, very different from what most people expect and think of.

And, mostly, I have a really good sense of humor about myself.  It isn’t perfect, but it is pretty good.

I left out a few things — like the gal on Topix who once said she was *happy* that my daughter’s were raped (among other things).  SOme stuff just isn’t that deserving of the absurdness that is the above.

Someday I will get around to writing a self descriptive post that favors all of these kinds of things.