Ah, and what is wrought…


…Nothing changed except the labels. The transgender of today are the same group of gays, now telling you that a woman can have a penis and that being a woman is all about what you define yourself as, regardless of what steps you might take to attain that position. They were hateful back then and they are still hateful toward those of us born transsexual. Their well put together community of gender thugs and theorists tried their best to assimilate us and to define us out of existence, and they have failed entirely because they were wrong about us then, and they are wrong about us now…

… Transsexualism is not allowed under the gay banner, unless it is their definition of transsexual, one that doesn’t dare to be anything more than a flamboyant male, playing in the sand(een) box with the other gay males…


…I think you are the only one I’ve ever seen on the net that has laid out this case so clearly. Who the TG really are, where they came from, and why they are so hateful towards us…

I’ve noted in the past how the group likes to go to places like Bilerico and PHB and say things that seem reasonable, but then they sit down and say stuff like this.

The above, for those who don’t get it, is literally saying that all people who don’t meet their little personal definition of transsexual are gay men.

So you non-ops?  You are gay men.  All you genderqueer sorts?  You are gay men.  You FTM’s?  You don’t exist. Autumn, gay man.  Anyone who says they are transsexual but doesn’t do what they think one should do to get surgery, a gay man.

And what’s really sad to me is that they don’t see the sexism there.  They don’t see the homophobia there.   And if you tell them it is there, they holler at you “no, no we aren’t!  You are oppressing us!”  even though they are the ones, above, who literally just said the same thing that Pat Robertson or Paul Cameron or Ray Blanchard or Bailey have said.

They rail, loudly, against the Bailey notion, and then they use it themselves.  They are hypocrites and racists (see the ethnpcentric post recently for that one), and they are literally misgendering all the trans people who disagree with them in the above.

Everyone.  Not to mention a crapload of cis people.

What do they want?  They want for anyone who is called transsexual to meet their limited definition of such,  And for everyone else to not be transsexual.  And for that to be recongized.

What are they willing to do to achieve that goal? What are they willing to sacrifice of theirs to get there?

They are more than willing to sacrifice Ashley Love.  Who has no clue what she’s being dragged into.

Some could say Autumn pushed her to it.  Hell, she does.

But Autumn couldn’t have done what she did, if Ashley hadn’t given the ammunition to her.

If you agree with these people when you read what they write on PHB, and you don’t understand what they are saying when they are in their own little worlds, then you are a fucking asswipe and you probably shouldn’t have me in your bookmarks as anything other than a place to check up on so you know what I’m going to say about you.

And I can tell you that for the most part, I’m just going to say stop being such a fucking asswipe, you fucking asswipe.

If you disagree with them, be aware that they are cowards.  That they are uninformed.  That they derive their sense of injustice from the same prejudices and bigotries that have haunted this country for years, and that are a major part of those who seek to work against the rights of trans people.

They are our own version of the KKK.  They are our private little segment of the population, fringers who take every opportunity they can to run out and seem fair, then scurry back into their dark corners and become foul.

They are, in short, part of the opposition.  THey are the bad guys.

If you want to be a bad guy, join up.  Go for it.  I won’t stop you.

but keep in mind this: they fear me.

A lot.


You’re one of the worst poisoners out there

We’re going to win this fight and escape people like you.



Stop us

To think that I can stop them, they have to assign me enough power to be a threat. If I wasn’t a threat, they wouldn’t need to escape people like me.

As a threat, I threaten them. In order for me to threaten them, they have to be afraid of me.

And all I have to be afraid of is my knowledge, my work, and my willingness to sacrifice myself for what I believe in.

Scary stuff.

Unless you know what I fight for is better than what they claim to be fighting for.