Divisions, Bells, Pinks, and Greens

Sorry, no Floyd tonight, but it has a ring to it, ya know?

Ok, I apologize to everyone. My last post seems to have gotten sucked up into the hell of plugins that don’t get along, and that basically means that what I had thought was a cool little deal by Facebook is actually a seriously messed up deal that completely ruins the joy of cool little features. I think I have fixed most of the problems, and I’m sorry I didn’t get to it sooner.

So bye bye miss not quite american pie, which may be good thing given what those films were about and the damage they did to one of my favorite songs.

And yes, the whole damned thing, thank you very much. There is a reason I took a brown bag of whiskey, which I don’t drink, and found a levy when I popped into New Orleans overnight (not long enough to visit, really) and sang a bit.

So lets really look at the changes here…

I’m not quite sure where I want to have the PDF link — I know that I really want it, because *I* use the darn thing.And I know that someone is using it, because there are a lot of those files being snagged. This will be very, very useful for another site I am putting together.

I removed the “official” plugin for FB and used one that has proven useful in other places. I can’t really test the full functionality out on it, but if y’all want to give it a try, go for it.

I have essentially restarted the Dyssonance Page at FB. Since the key functionality that I have added ties in strongly there, it makes sense, lol.  I will be, hopefully, posting links to all these articles there. One should be able to comment via Facebook, but I don’t know how that one works, so I’m not worrying about it.

Want to contact me? Let’s see if this works at all: 

You should be able to use that to increase the size of my blog roll. Yeah, seriously.

Some of the sharper eyed may have noticed that the *author* of my posts has changed. Yes, yes I am still Dyss, but I thought I would make it a little more obvious that Dyss is a real human being. Because apparently people forget this — why, just the other day, Bug Brennan was saying something incredibly dehumanizing yet again.

I have a new way to set up donations here, and I may just have a few secret tricks down the road for some stuff.

The big thing is that I am starting to get a clearer picture of what I want to do here, and what I will be doing at several other sites, as well.  Should prove worthwhile, but, of course, the good thing is that I can always change it if it doesn’t.

The great thing about risk is that you always have a win-win — you either make a mistake you can learn from and grow, or you succeed and you can keep moving forward.

Later all…