ENDA: Pick Up The Phone #trans #lgbt

Right now, if numbers from the largest survey of trans workplace discrimination hold true, roughly half of all trans people are unemployed.  Those that are employed are, overwhelmingly, subject to harrassment and working environments that treat them like crap.

Right now, The Employment Non-Discrimination Act is sitting in markup, and it’s being delayed.  By House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who’s office is lying to people.

Right now, you can help to change that and be a part of the history and the change for the people who will start their transitions later.

Right now, you can call House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office at 202-225-4965. Ask that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, HR 3017, move to a vote.

Please be polite, but firm. Don’t cuss at her, don’t get angry, don’t whimper and whine.  Just call her, smile and tell them that simple line.

Then go here: http://getequal.org/getenda and write that you have done that so we can stick this in her face and say let the damn things at least see the light of day.

Yes, there are questions about the language.  BUt we cant know what that will be until it comes to the light of day, because although many people have inside info, that info is not universally the same, and no one can actually say any of it for certain bevause no one can reveal their sources.

Let’s get it into the light of day.

I’m asking you — sisters and brothers, both real and by association — to do this. It’s a couple minutes.

There are many studies showing the need for this kind of law. There is a massive survey that has outlined just how bad it is.

I know some of you don’t believe me that it’s that bad.  So I’m going to ask you if you know why we celebrate Labor day.

It’s more than just the reason to have a BBQ and the start of summer movie season.

It’s more than the fact that we have a 40 hour work week.

It is also there because, in the US, American Citizens have the right to work.  And part of the idea of “right to work” is that an employer cannot look at things outside your ability to do the job.

Just think — if you do this, I might have a better shot at getting a job.  If I have a job, I’m going to have less time to sit and think on the stuff I think about, less time to write about it, less time to be politically active.

Just think — if more people are working, there is more tax money coming in so that the burden ont he people working now is reduced, and services and budgets will be helped to be fixed.

Just think — if people are working, they will be freed of the survival stuff they have to do and be able to do things like afford that surgery or htose hormones or …

You get the point I’m sure.

So please, for whatever reason you can think of — even if you are opposed to this, just call her and let it get to the damned floor.  Get it out of markup and let it see the light of day.

So we can see what’s going on, instead of being told that we aren’t important enough to even know that much.

I mean, if I can sit here and blogswarm with folks like John Aravosis, then ya know damn well it’s a big deal.

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