How radfems oppress trans people

Women are allowed to be afraid of men.

People of color are allowed to be afraid of whites.

LGBT people are allowed to be afraid of heterosexuals.

The poor are allowed to be afraid of the rich.

The colonized are allowed to be afraid of the colonizers.

Children are allowed to be afraid of adults.

The religious minority is allowed to be afraid of the majority.

Atheists are allowed to be afraid of the religious.

You cannot as a member of an oppressor group tell the oppressed group that their opinions and feelings and behavior are not rational or sane. You don’t know because you have no experience living as they do. Oppressed groups do not need to be told by their oppressors what oppression is really about.

Men benefit from their power in society. So do whites and heterosexuals and Christians (at least in the USA) and the able bodied and adults and the rich.

Yeah, you might be a good person but you are still part of an oppressor group and should not be offended when people call your oppressor group out for their bullshit.

It’s not about you. Let the people who are oppressed talk for once. Stop erasing their experiences. Stop using your power in society to shrug off how they feel as irrational.

I feel that if you are not angry about oppression, you aren’t educated enough.

You just aren’t paying attention.

Or, you just aren’t willing to listen because it will hurt your precious ego.

The above is pretty awesome.

Right up until you realize that the person who wrote it does the exact opposite of everything she writes above when it comes to trans people.

Because to her, Trans people are NOT allowed to be afraid of Cis people.

And she justifies this, from a position as a member of an oppressive group, by saying that our opinions, feelings, behaviors, and experiences are not rational or sane.

Instead, she educates us on what oppression is really about. Instead she tells us that gender identity is bullshit. Instead, she supports those who abuse and defame and attack us and tells them they are doing good things.

Instead, she tells us that the way we are being oppressed harms the oppressing class, and then she promotes actions to further support oppression of a single individual on the basis of us being a class of persons that she purposefully acts to position and decide for us that it is irrational and then erases our experiences.

When we say that

Trans people are allowed to be afraid of Cis people

what she and people who share her ideology say is

Trans people are allowed to be afraid of Cis people — stop hurting women!

in exactly the same way

that white people say

People of Color are allowed to be afraid of White people — stop hurting white people!

and men say

Women are allowed to be afraid of men — stop hurting men!

and Straight people say

LGBT people are allowed to be afraid of Straight people — stop hurting straight people!

And then, when we are frustrated and we are filled with resentment and we are angry and we say anything that validates the stereotypes that they have of us, they say

See!  You are terrible people after all and you are deluded and you mutilate yourself with the help of deluded and greedy people and I was right and look, now I can show the rest of the oppressive people around me how terrible you are like I’m doing some great favor to a group that I am a member of and you are merely a thing to abuse and ridicule.

This is why trans people and people who pretend to be radical feminists do not get along. This is why we call them bigots and hateful and cruel and why we use the 20 year old “diaf” meme against them.

Because we are not allowed to be angry, or worried, or fearful of the people who abuse us, who harm us, who work with other people to abuse and harm and strip us of our humanity and objectify us so that they can keep furthering the very thing we are trying to fight.

Radical Feminists such as the author of that piece support things like this:

It doesn’t make a damn bit of difference what you say or do: Trans Activists want to kill you


So go on ahead. Be as trans critical as you want. Until trans come to terms with the inherent anti-female platform of the transgender movement there will be no peace for women.


“he also is the editor of a “feminist” website for young women. sounds like grooming to me!” (referencing a woman)


I’m sorry I don’t have anything long and smart to say to their convoluted silly ideas.


wow, this entire text is completely thought-terminating. (in reference to a professional publication on trans youth)



Kim Petras still looks male to me, despite starting hormones at 12.

I have a German friend who has a son who looks just like him.

You can really tell when you see him photographed in a group of girls.


About 10 years ago I read the number of SRS in Asia (Japan most likely?) went up during times of economic depression and down when male society was doing better. If you can’t be a “real man,” might as well live in a fantasy world.


Transgenderism is a patriarchal conservative “trojan horse”. It forces it’s adherents to vigorously uphold and enforce the very traditions that it’s practice offers a tiny modicum of freedom from.


Transmisogyny: The fiction that misogyny is worse when it happens to men.

and this list can go on and on and on, all of it based in the opposite of the very thing that the author wrote about how those who oppress should stop doing so.

Instead they create things like “trans Critical”, just as people int he past have created things like “POC Critical” and “woman critical” and “disability Critical”.

They call themselves Radical Feminists in the same way that those PoC critical folks call themselves Klansmen and Klanswomen or those woman critical people call themselves Men.

And so when I saw the above quote, and noted where it came from, I saw, just as surely as I saw in my recent conversation, that these are people who are utterly committed to hate, to harm, to cruelty, to unreasoning, to abuse…

to Oppression itself

… no matter what Trans people say.  You can tell them that you support and work towards people being anything they want to be, and they will tell you that you just said you support confining people to a strict set of rules.

It doesn’t matter what trans people.  It never will. We can slowly but surely dismantle every single one of their arguments — and we will do so, over and over again — but to *them*, all we are doing is whatever they decide it is, even if it involves blatant disregard for truth, reality, or even what was just said.

They are not merely transphobic.

They are Evil.

And that’s how they oppress trans people.

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