How To Tell If Someone Is A Transsexual

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Just a quick post today, to explain a particular point of mine that people either intentionally overlook when they disagree with it, or assume some form of nefarious action on my part based in political and philosophical differences.

In the United States, in order to tell if someone is a transsexual or not, you have to do the following:

Attend college.

Earn a Bachelor’s degree or better in Psychology, Psychiatry, Social Work, or immediately related field.

Undergo between 2 and 4 thousand hours of supervised work with the particular group under someone who has already been through this.

Get a license to practice in the jurisdiction.

See a patient under the standard guidelines for a proper diagnosis.

Make that diagnosis appropriate within the guidelines of the profession.

* = only Master’s level or above, however, can write a diagnostic permission letter that is acceptable to legal and medical authorities

And then you can say *that* person is a transsexual.

That’s how you can be able to tell if someone is a transsexual or not.

Anything else is talking out your hind end. By anyone.

I raise this point for a singular reason: whatever critieria a person uses to determine if another person online is a transsexual or not without having basically done the points above, is a personal criteria and one of opinion that has in the end absolutely no value or merit whatsoever outside of their particular opinion.

It has no weight in the social discourse, except as a way to make the person saying it feel better about themselves.

So when you see me say something like the individual’s opinion of who is or who isn’t a transsexual is without merit or value, its because in the discourse of factual reality, it is neither factual, nor a part of the reality.

So to use that position to support some idea or concept is to base that concept or idea on what is, in fact, a personal delusion – often needed for personal reasons and having value only to that person, so it has some good purpose in that it enables them to make peace and get by in whatever way they need to get by, but it is still a self created illusion – and, therefore, irrational and illogical and not based in factual reality.

And that’s about all I have to say about that.

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