Mixing the Races


this was written a while back, and I liked it after a while enough to post it here.  The original is elsewhere.

Imagine if the white, male “transwomen” claiming to be lesbians were instead white, male “transracials” claiming to be black Africans.

What if instead of white males claiming that being a “true female” is just an idea in the head of any biological male who “feels like a woman inside”, they were white males claiming that true “black African identity” is just an idea in the head of any Caucasian who “feels like an African inside” regardless of their “Assigned Race At Birth”. == roseverbena


Who amazingly uses a racist parallel without any sense of irony.

But, what the hell, here we go.

Yo, Rose.

Your example above.  I have been accused of that for the last, oh, two and half decades. When I am not being accused of being black, being hispanic, being latin@, — ah, hell, pick pretty much any ethnicity that isn’t derived from Asian countries, and I’ve had it tossed at me.

Let me explain the major flaw in your entire mindset there, and since you’ll do it any way, feel free to just dismiss it.

I am black and white and red all over.

That means that I am all of those things, all at once. You know what it was called when you were multi-racial way back when?


You know what that term means?

It means someone who shouldn’t have been born.

Oddly enough, at the time I was born, it was not legal for my parents to be married everywhere in this great country of ours.

I’m pale skinned. That doesn’t make me any less black than any one else, but it does mean I benefit from certain mock privileges until someone finds out or determines with enough force that I am too black to be white, or too Native to be black, or, well, I’m pretty sure you can figure it out from there.

I was raised by a white parent.

In a white city.

With “white values”. Seriously — that was a thing. Used against me. In the 80’s.  When “oreo” was a very popular term. I won’t explain any of the others to you since you probably won’t grasp them, since you apparently aren’t a multi-racial person and have less than no fucking clue about just how god awful racist your shit is.

You know why it is that I am never entirely welcome in any racial grouping?  ”transracial”.

Yes, really.

So when you try and use the above as a “hypothetical”, understand something very key here.

I am not hypothetical.

I am real.

I claim black.

I claim white.

I claim native.

I can. If ever there was something I was entitled to claim, it is those things.

Because, you see, I *am* a Caucasian who feels like an African American inside. Which is, I will point out, because I am an African American inside. And a Caucasion.

And you know what?

It really fucking pisses me off when colorism rears its ugly head, and even moreso in people who claim not to be racist.

Because colorism *is* racism. I realize you probably have no clue what that means but you know, your fucking dipshit self and your ignroance are your problem.

Your deciding that my existence isn’t real, and isn’t valid, which you did by using me as an example of something that cannot exist, because in your mind the races are fixed and readily demarcated and readily classified and separate — distinct.

And that, you fucking bitch, is racism in its sneakiest and nastiest form.

Ya’ll think I’m peak radfem anyway, so let me give you a distinct reason why they are not I.

When I cuss like this, it is because someone has been a seriously disturbed fuck and is blissfully unaware of it.

And, unlike a lot of people, I don’t have a problem calling you a fucking cunt when you say shit like the above thinking that it is just a nice and easy way to either trap someone into a racist trash response or, as is obvious, that it makes sense because obviously people cannot be two or three races at once.

Well, get ready for some shit in your craw.  My son is four ethnicities. And he is white and black and red and brown all over.

And you just shit on my son. And while I’m a big girl and can generally let people shit on me with merely a pleasant little tirade, when you shit on my son, you really, seriously fucking piss me off.

Do you know what it is like being mixed race?

Do you know how much pressure is pushed on you to be as white as fucking possible in the world?

Do you know what that does to people?

Have you any god damn idea how your pathetic and fucked up little attempt at yet again casting false and made up aspersions on trans people actually contributes to the systemic and personalized mistreatment of people of mixed race?

All for you little personal “thought experiment”.

Well, since if you genuinely had an idea about any of that you would never do any of the above, and yet this is the third time I’ve seen you, personally, use that very same example, I’m going to tell you that I don’t give a rats ass about my feefees, but when people like you make such a big deal about being called racist fucks and deny it and then go to such great lengths to prove how you aren’t a racist or how you can’t be a racist and then you actually do some racist ass shit like that, I sure as fuck get my panties in a wad.

And I don’t give a fuck who does it.

Because everyone is racist to mixed folk. Still.

So, let’s look at the quote you have above real quick, shall we?

Hey, what do you know. I’m a pale skinned person who claims to be a black African!

What do you know, being a particular race *is* just an idea in the head of people. Because, in case you forgot, race, itself, is a pervasive and nasty social fucking construct you goddamn shithead.

In fact, it is an idea that you just used.

Now, you want to know if just any Caucasian can willy nilly do so.

The answer to that, as a person who gets described as “caucasian” (at least, some of the time. You should see my bones, they fuck with people’s minds about race), regardles sof my race assigned at birth (which wasn’t, for me, but used to be all over the us and indeed you can still pull up some of the BC for people still living today and find that they were indeed ranked according to the degree of ancestry.) is yes, but more important is why the fuck would they want to?

Because, again, I am a white person. I didn’t know what a nigger was the first time I heard the word. Used against me. In a school of white people.

You know what happened to people like me even as recently as 60 years ago? We went to jail. For lying.  Because under a lot of the old rules — and this is *after Jim Crow, dearie* — I’m *only allowed to be black*.

This is what your horseshit of a fucked up idea means.  It means that you are using the suffering of people to harm those same people.

Because guess what else?

I’m trans. So I’m both your hypothetical example and your ‘real world’ one. And guess what, both of them fail for pretty much the same reasons, because you make the same mistakes all over again since you do not know enough about the fields you are speaking to to be able to make the statements you are making and have any credibility or validity.

So take a piece of advice you shithead: Do Not Be A Racist Fuck just because you hate trans people.

Do not be a Transphobic fuck just because you hate mixed race people.

be a fuck all you want.

But know that when you use this piece of shit thing, I am here. I exist. I am not a figment of someone’s imagination.

Nor is the President, for that matter.

He at least understands trans people if you don’t.

Betcha a part of the reason he does is that he’s seen what it means to be “transracial”.

Get a better model.

Yours is racist.

Whooo! That felt good. I see why the folks at peak radfem do it. Sorry folks, I can keep my cool about the whole trans thing, but the racism thing is something I’ve lived with so long I ain’t gonna be cool with it, ever.

Kinda troubling when you realize both things have been with me my whole life. Bit of internalized shit still floating around in there, huh?