Not Gay, Straight: Tell them all

So yesterday, those who follow my occasional tweets will have noticed that I spent a large portion of energy correcting other tweets.

This is because there were a lot of people retweeting various headlines put out by various groups.

One that caught my attention was the NoH8 campaign, which, unwittingly, allowed hundreds of it’s supporters to engage in, well, H8, by erasing the womanhood of Tiwonge.

WHich they did by tweeting the headline of “gay couple” over and over again.

And so, to each one of those that I saw, I sent a note to the person who tweeted it and told them to correct their headline.

Because it is that important.MY core tweet was this:

YO, #LGBT ppl: Correct your headlines: not #gay couple, it is hetero couple. Tiwonge is woman, not man. #Trans #NOH8

(which, in all fairness, was not the original way I wrote it, but a much shorter version that’s better becaue I suck at tweetspeak shortening, lol)

SO, now that Tiwonge and Steven have been pardoned for a crime that neither of them should have been found guilty of in the first place, and a crime that shoudn’t be a crime in the first place, I think it incumbent that we stop and seriously start to ask everyone that has tweeted such a headline as “gay couple” is pardoned that they now retweet it again to correct themselves and honor her definition of herself and the appropriate description of their relationship in terms that westernish eyes will understand to make it clear the real gravity of this crime.

This was a straight couple that was thrown in jail for the crime of getting engaged. ¬†Publicly. ¬†This is a man and a woman who wanted to marry, and were told that doing so is a crime for them, because they don’t fit what their culture says is the right kind of straight couple.

THis is the kind of thing that people need to hear more about, and think more about, and do more about, because when people start to realize that what they are supporting is ultimately the criminalization of marriage, and that they can be subject to it ont he basis of how they look to others, then maybe, just maybe, they might stop supporitng things like that.

So, as a suggestion, if you don’t mind taking a few moments out of your day, tweet a little, put it in your facebook profile, whatever — but let people know that Tiwonge and Steven are a straight couple, not a gay one, and as trans people we’re sorta sick and fucking tired of people using excuses to ignore a truth they should have already been able to see.

And let’s get ready, as well, to show them that the next two years are going to be all trans, all the time, and we’re more prepared for it than they are.

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