Papers, Please: how bigots speak

I want to talk about a form of racism that is pernicious and constant and daily and exhausting to have to put up with.  I really do. Because it affects my family, my children and wife, and it affects my friends, and the people I help and the work I do and the state and city I live in.

And it is horrible stuff.

But instead I am going to speak about how this kind of bigotry, this animus and hostility, is expressed, using two people.  The first is former Arizona State Representative Russell Pearce. The second is his less overtly racist but still a racist companion in crimes against other human being Cathy Brennan.  The Cockroach.

I am going to show it to you because it demonstrates how people filled with animosity take the time and energy to demonize others by making shit up about them, and then get people who prefer to seem much more reasonable to go along.

Pearce, you may have heard, was recalled. That is, the people in his district said they did not want him in office.  He says he is running again for the same seat. He says that his relationship with various racist organizations doesn’t matter. He says he looks out for those people and that his bill does not go after those citizens of our state that happen to have an ethnicity his bill targets.

Brennan, you may have heard, writes for Baltimore Outloud on occasion. She has a blog and a tumblr account. She says she speaks for anons — those people who do not speak out for fear of reprisals, just like NOM wanted to protect the people who donated to it from having their names released in accordance with the law. And got laughed at by the Supreme Court. She says she supports rational anti-discrimination laws.  Which, in her case, means that we need to create a third bathroom for trans people that is the only one they can use, that they should be able to work and rent and those simple little things.  All the while she says vile and vicious stuff that tells people she really doesn’t believe that. Most of it made up, because she seeks, like Pearce, to win over the general public by lying to them.

SB1070 was a bill that was passed here in Arizona, introduced by Pearce, that went all the way to the Supreme Court. Which struck down some of it and left in place other parts of it. The parts they left in place were subject to separate review, because they cannot be enforced in a manner that leads to profiling. It basically said, originally, that the police could detain and/or deny services to anyone on suspicion of being here improperly if they do not have proper papers.

Cathy Brennan and Elizabeth Hungerford wrote a paper that was submitted to the United Nations. In this paper, they said that the only people who should be considered for transgender issues are those who can provide appropriate papers, and that the laws should not treat them as females when they are women, and not treat them as males when they are men. The practical application of the proposals of Cathy Brennan and Elizabeth Hungerford — since supported by many people who find “Radfem Hub”, which Brennan is a major part of, of value — is that transgender people can be detained and denied services on suspicion of being someplace improperly if they do not have proper papers.

Recently, emails were requested by opponents of SB1070 — including the ACLU —  who are seeking an injunction to block the remaining aspects of the law from going into place. These emails were written by Russell Pearce.

The request sought over 4000 emails.

On Tuesday, June 30, 2009 10:28 PM :

Law enforcement can no longer sit on the sidelines while our neighborhoods are invaded, our healthcare
systems are over-run with illegals that have no means to pay and receive their healthcare at the expense
of the taxpayers, our education system is imploded (over $1 billion a year in just k-12 alone, jobs taken
from Americans, wages suppressed, and the destruction of the rule oflaw.

Illegals. Not people not human beings, not persons present in violation of federal law, but illegals. Depersonalization.  Suddenly they are no longer people, but rather some thing, like a book or a stove or a ratty old couch. Objectification. They are objects. Things.

Simple enough to do.  Reduce them to some thing, and people forget the human cost, the motivations, the reasons, and all you have to do then is start to supply it for them — work made easier when you are dealing with animus already in the general community.

He uses that as the description of people through the email. “illegal, 17,” is how he describes a kid. Not man or woman, boy or girl, not Hispanic or Canadian or Venzuelan or Puerto Rican. And I admit I would love to hear him say the last one.  If you don’t know why, then shame on you.  Just Illegal.

He doesn’t say Alien, or immigrant, either. Just Illegal. just a state or condition of not being within the laws. Criminal, 17, shot and killed a non-criminal today.

Non criminal shot a 17 year old non criminal that looked like criminal because he was wearing a hoodie. You know how those criminals are, those illegals, they can be anyone, anything, anywhere. They are not human.

All he focuses on, as well, are the worst stuff.  He only focuses on the negative, the evil, the stuff that is present in *every group* on the planet.

Including people who follow the false form of radical feminism espoused by the rabid maniac Cathy Brennan.

Who also only focuses on the negatives.  Who only deals in the exceptions, not the rules, just as Pearce does in his letters.

He cites as a resource multiple times CIS – the center for immigration studies. A nativist and extremist group that has been profiled by the SPLC and taken to task by none other than the Wall Street Journal for being against immigration as a whole. And that’s ignoring that their idea of an illegal immigrant would exclude many of the most famous residents of other countries that have simply come to visit.

How do they defend themselves? They get a Pulitzer prize winning journalist named Jerry Kammer (who they think by having a Pulitzer is inoculated against being racist) say this:

“Rather than engage in a debate, La Raza and its allies have waged a campaign to have the other side shunned by the press, civil society, and elected officials. It is an effort to destroy the reputations of its targets. It also seeks to intimidate and coerce others into silence. It undermines basic principles of civil society and democratic discussion.”

That sounds strangely familiar. Why, it almost sounds like what Brennan said during the controversy over her UN submission. Except she didn’t cite a Latin@ and Hispanic organization. She has said that about the “Trans Mafia”, that hypothetical group of bloggers to which I am sometimes attached. You know, the scape goats. She has also said it about the inexperienced trans people often found on Tumblr.

He also cites the National Policy Institute. You know, the classist, racist counterpart to the ACLU created by those on the Right that is a Hate Group according to the SPLC.

And conspiracy theorist Jeff Rense.  Yes, seriously.  Cited as *support* for the stuff that led to SB1070.  A bill which has since been duplicated in many other places. Because of conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theories like how all trans women are out to rape cis women.  Only one doesn’t say cis women, you just say women, and you don’t say trans women you say deluded men.

Does it happen?  Questionable. Slippery Slope arguments are not logical means of arguing however. The past is the best predictor we have of the future, and it doesn’t seem all that predictive.

He also does a general direction to, but all the stuff he cites is shown to be bunk.

“Can we maintain our social fabric as a nation with Spanish fighting English for dominance? … It’s like importing leper colonies and hope we don’t catch leprosy. It’s like importing thousands of Islamic jihadists and hope they adapt to the American Dream.”

Now we have an insight into him.

And yes, he did indeed say this. That the above is racist is going to be questioned by racists. And most of America has a great deal of unexamined and unacknowledged racism, and doesn’t want to address it. Our second individual does this all the time — but, in her defense, she is not nearly as racist as Pearce is. Hers is much more subtle, and she tends to only do it in covert ways because she’s clinging to an old ideology that is embedded in it. She’s about as classist as he is, though.

No, her issue is trans people, and she has all the darkness he has when it comes to trans people. In her case, the social fabric is predicted not on language, but on segregation of spaces, on the clear demarcation and unchanging nature of who is male and who is female and all things must be marked that way.  Her fear would be expressed similarly if she wasn’t better educated — she’s not likely to compare transness to leprosy and she’s even less likely to think of it as communicable.

But she does see trans people’s existence and, more importantly, the acceptance of those lives on the terms of trans people as being a threat to the way women in society are treated and dealt with (despite the fact that trans women are women and have the same practical concerns). So she focuses on reproductive points, forgetting that trans people are, by her own hand, supposed to be rendered sterile and denied reproductive rights that she says we don’t care about.

The ‘roach is just as dangerous as Pearce. She has had involvement with political efforts in the past (most of the trans related ones in a manner that had the practical effect of derailing the efforts she claims to support). For her, the double bind of stealth and deception are still very real, and no amount of logic or reason will sway her from such — trans women, with whom she is most concerned, are all predators and they exist to either fool you into thinking they are not men.  It is, for her and many others, simply the idea that they may possibly run into a trans person and not know and then find out that terrifies them, because, for them, it would destroy their sense of self.

The United States faces the greatest internal threat to its existence since the Civil War.

That’s what he called “illegals”.  Not people. not human beings, but these things he’s created in his head through the magic of racist hate groups and conspiracy theorists.

I suppose that’s better than the “gays are” thing. Right?

If you answered yes, you need your head examined.

What, you think I’m lying about the fuel tht drives him? Try this:

Mexico’s Vicente Fox is no longer satisfied with the status quo. Battles commence as Mexican
nationalists struggle to infuse their men into American government and strengthen control over
their strongholds. One look at Los Angles with its Mexican-American mayor shows you
Vicente Fox’s general Varigossa commanding an American city.

Yes, seriously!  That is what he said in a letter from January 29th of 2007. Under the sub-heading of Myth vs Fact about illegal immigration.

Which, when he uses the term, does not mean immigration that is illegal, but rather illegals immigrating. And note that he uses illeegals as a synonym throughout his emails for Mexican nationals. To him, the election of that mayor was part of an invasion, an effort to change the very character of the country.

White fucking flight personified.

one of my favorite parts is this one:

The illegals no longer work on the fatm. They move into every Middle
Class job in America and they undercut wages for America’s working poor and destroy the
living wages of the Middle Class.

note that he also says that these people come here because everything is free and we pay for it. Except that if they are indeed in the middle class, then none of the stuff that they get is free because they earn too much money to get it.

The middle class does not get food stamps and AHCCCS benefits. They do not receive TANF. Because they are middle class. The middle class doesn’t get those things because they earn more money than the maximum possible to enable such. By definition, if you are able to get those things, you are not middle class, you are poor.

So he is lying, in one way or another, and the reason he is lying is because he is desperate to stop this invasion, and he sees it as such because he is a racist motherfucker.

The full quote, from the same email, that I gave earlier, presented in all its amazingly horrific rhetoric:

In 1900, our population stood at 100 million people. Today, at 300
million, we suffer global wanning, acid rain, species extinction, gridlock, air pollution,
crowding, $3.12 a gallon of gas, skyrocketing cost of living, loss of quality of life and enough
problems to fill an NFL football stadium. Who in their right mind thinks we need to import
4,000,000 people from the Third World into our country annually? What is the benefit? Do we
need to overpopulate ourselves like China, India and Bangladesh? For what reason? Can we
maintain our social fabric as a nation with Spanish fighting English for dominance? It’s like
injecting yourself with cancer cells to see what will happen. It’s like importing leper colonies
and hope we don’t catch leprosy. It’s like importing thousands oflslamic jihadists and hope
they adapt to the American Dream.

Yes, that’s right. He’s saying that Mexico is a third world country. And that these illegals are imported, like cheap furniture. He calls them a cancer.

One benefit to Brennan is that she hasn’t called us a cancer like some in her coterie have in the past. At least not that I’ve seen.  She merely says we are dangerous to all women, and that we are not women when we are.

I’m sorry, she has no evidence that I am not female, and yet she insists I am not. That’s already going off the deep end.

Pearce decidely went against the standards for his party:

Fact: Bush violates his oath of office and the U.S. Constitution every day of his presidency. He violates Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution every day for the past five years. The fact is, George Bush works to destroy our borders of our nation on a deadly experiment that will plummet all of us into chaos, poverty and Third World Momentum.

Yes, he said that. Who knew Bush was a closet liberal all along?

But wait, he’s not done yet:

Fact: Corruption is a mechanism by which Mexico operates. Its people spawn more corruption
wherever they go because it is their only known way of life. If you watched the Mexican flags
flying above the demonstrators and their chants, you understand they have no intention of
assimilating into the American way of life. Their goal is to populate themselves into majority
numbers until they can run Americans out of our own country. The failed and corrupt
government of Mexico will manifest itself in America to create the same kind of misery for all

That one is almost perfect parroting of Brennan’s ideas about trans people and women. Corruption is not the problem, it is that we are dangerous and violent. America is not the victim, it is women. And Trans people are the Mexico.

Yet persons who are not legal immigrants to the United states do not only come from Mexico.  Indeed, most of them do not come from mexico. Nor do most of the legal ones, for that matter.

Yet “Mexico”, which as you read the emails rapidly becomes a stand in for anything south of the United States, is the problem.

Readers, please understand something about all of this.

My issue here is not that he wants to set up some form of immigration control system or that he wants to reduce crimes committed by people who are not here according to federal laws.  That isn’t the problem with this on the part of pretty much *any* group.

My issue here is that he is a racist mother fucker who is relying on the ignorance about all of this and the fears and the cultural constant of hostility towards hispanic and latin@ persons to make those “anons” — those people otherwise too afraid to speak out or say something becuase they already know it is wrong — support him.

It is wrong, it is evil, and it is precisely what has happened time and time again across the planet and throughout history. I don’t get angry about Brennan, but this stuff, I get furious about.  He is talking about my Children and the woman that I married. And I married her because I loved her. HE is talking about the woman who taught me to make tamales and who laughed at my piss poor jokes and was always nice to me, and the man whom I was once told I was more macho than despite the fact he impressed and out machoed me by leaps and bounds.

He is talking about *me* according to far too many people. Including police officers (at least one of my records reports me as a hispanic).

Yes, really.  I have the dubious honor of being able to say that I’ve been stopped for walking while black, hispanic, trans, and looking too damn slutty. In one case for two of those at the same time.

So I am absolutely serious about the talking about me part. But I’m not my concern, my concern is my children. I have three daughters and two sons and two grandchildren. I liked my in-laws. No, I love my in-laws, even now, despite them not wanting a damn thing to do with me.

I’m weird that way.  And they come from Mexico.

And this man said that a studies course that teaches the history of Arizona, with an equal emphasis and centering of latin@ and hispanic heritage, in Spanish, actually:

promotes the denigration of American culture and American values.

 instead of actually teaching about a part of American history that wasn’t white america.

I learned part of that history in school.  In a time when mutliculturalism was new and shiny and bright and everyone was eager to try it because they wanted to escape the evils of the racism that just a few years earlier had been made illegal.

It did not promote the denigration of American Culture and American Values. It upheld them. It taught me that the Statue of Liberty was more than merely a symbol, but also a promise.

One that I now see he’s being everything that can be opposite of.

And so when I say that Cathy “cockroach” Brennan is exactly like him in her views on trans people, I am not only not exaggerating, I am saying it with direct and full intent to expose her the same way he needs to be exposed.

(note, I only call her cockroach because she asked me not to call her bug)

And as a direct result of his actions, the schooling for thousands of American citizens was abruptly cut off, and books were banned.

I wold never deny Brennan the right to free speech.  I believe firmly in that right, and the concomitant right to have to deal with teh consequences thereof.  I wouldn’t deny him his freedom of speech — or his rabid maniac sources.

yet he would do so. He has done so. And he wants to do it again, to do more of it. because he sees every person who feels like I do as brainwashed converts, not really american any longer.

We are slaves to La Raza. brainwashed, converted, corrupted, co-opted, collusive.

Yes, really.

Which is what brennan says, in less direct terms, about people who support trans folk.

These two are not the noble warriors for justice they pretend to be, that they make themselves out in their own minds to be. They are actively trying to do everything they can, everything within their power to cause harm to a minority group, including claiming that that minority group cannot be a minority because they really belong to a majority.

In Pearce’s case, it is “mexico” — everything south of the US border. In Brennan’s case it is “males”.

Both of them claim this to be a fact.  Yes, to her trans people are “male” despite that idea not really being all that useful when it comes to trans people and being way too overly simplistic. Yes, to him, Mexico is everyone speaking Spanish and that means, to him, all those people south of the border, who out number the US. That roughly half, I think, speak Portuguese is something he doesn’t want to deal with.

He includes outright falsehoods like

“9,000 people killed every year by illegal aliens,”

“the illegal aliens in the United States have a crime rate that’s two-and-a-half times that of non-illegal aliens.”

niether of which is true or even close to factual.

His defense of all this racism?

“I’ve never been a hateful guy,” Pearce said in a 2011 interview. “It’s disappointing that people would paint you as a hateful guy. … Vigilant? Absolutely. But I’m not hateful. I just know my duty. My duty to my country, my God, my family and the rule of law.”

Brennan says she’s never outed anyone. She says she doesn’t fear trans people or hate them. She says she’s an ally.

She, like he, is lying.

And they lie because they believe this. They will say that what they believe is reality, that what they hold true is fact, and yet…

If it was reality and it was fact and it was true, then belief wouldn’t need to be a part of it. It would simply be what they know and they would use facts to stand up for themselves, instead of trying to demonize, dehumanize, objectify, and eradicate via legislation and legal efforts the lives of Latin@, hispanic, and trans people.

por lo tanto siempre la muerte a los tiranos

Because such fights as the ones that trans people and latin@ & hispanic people — citizens of the US — are fighting should never have to be fought, and those who stand up for the barring them of their rights are tyrants in absentia.

por lo tanto siempre la muerte a los tiranos