Let it rain.

Let it rain on me.

Let it come down in torrents and flow on over me.

I am here.

I am not leaving. I am not standing by. I am not waiting.

I am welcoming that rain.

And I am laughing at that rain.

For it is only rain, and the thunder that you hear is distant and there is no flash to it, no light to it, no life to it.

And rain is only water, and thunder is only noise.

And look carefully

look clearly

without the blinders of circumstance

without the lenses we wear to see

without the films and furrows of emotional response




for I am the Sunlight, and so all around me falls rainbows.

And yes

I am




with glee

at the inevitable


while I laugh, aloud

at the rain that washes down over me

and at those who hurl this rain down on me.

It matters not that as those leave their hands, they are spears and arrows,

barbed and sharp, meant to cut and pierce and push and hurt

because I am a star

hot and bright and honest and more real than they realize

a fusion within me

and their slings and arrows melt before me

into rain

which I laugh at

and still I shine

for there are not enough of them

not enough missiles

to blot me out,

even for a moment.


They are right to fear

the flares from me

they are right to avoid


I am not controlled

I am not dominated

I am not within the power of others

I am the Power of Other

And I wield it

As I wield their fears

their anxieties

their aversions

their weaknesses

as my own weapons,

as I mock them

with their own words

as I move on

and let them give me reason to do so.


Let it rain

For they are the shadows



and they know this

but they do not want the darkness

they want the light

but they are enfolded, as they wish me to be

surrounded and enmeshed

and I am the light

and they scurry

and they run

and they are cowards when I stand




and yet


and marked

as myself

burning and shining forth with all that I am,

flaws and quirks


And grinning

bring it on


let it rain

let it rain down on me

For there are only a scant few

death threats

that any dare send me

I scare them

I intimidate them

I am their competition for what they want

and they are afraid of what they do not know

and they do not know me


I move forward

I move on

and yeah

I am

all wet

but I am also