Why it doesn’t matter if you don’t like it.

Its Sunday.  And it’s been a while since I’ve tackled some of the stuff that’s out there that is based in prejudice and internalized stigma by anti-trans trans folks.

So I’m a gonna do so.  And then I’m going to talk about a few other things that have gone on recently, and I suspect it will result in a strong of posts that I’m doing in order to clear my mind because I don’t have as much of a stomach for web coding as I once did, lol.

To start with, I’m going to tackle this post by SA-ET, which pretends to have sense and understanding and functions from what superficially seems to be a logical point of reference,but is, in reality, a bunch of fucking bullshit of the sort that this racist, bigoted woman usually puts out.

After this one, the posts just get more interesting.  Stick around today — I’m on a tear…

The piece if fairly wide ranging, but focuses on two particular posts.  The first is Autumn Sandeen’s post over at PHB in which she makes a brief note about why marriage equality applies to trans people, and in that post, Autumn says “whether some trans people like it or not”. SAET decideds to take umbrage at this, not too coincidentally completely ignoring the context of the statement in her inevitable effort to just shit allover one of the 10 or 12 bloggers that she genuinely hates on a personal level.

Let me be more clear on that.  SAET is a lying fuckwit when she says that.   Now, one might think that since I’m using profanity that I’m actually angry about this.

I’m not.

I am offended — people doing the sort of bullshit she’s done in her last few posts, but especially in that one, tends to offend me, because what she’s doing is literally making stuff up about what people say.  And as long term readers of mine will know, I do unto others as they have done.

For one, Autumn wasn’t speaking for her.  She was stating a simple fact.  But, rather than keep that fact in place, and actually address the fact, SAET chose to ignore the fact and pick some minor piece, pull it entirely out of context, and then totally fabricate an entire statement regarding it in order to manipulate the ignorant and weak minded followers that she has and maybeget the support of a few that aren’t quite so weak minded or ignorant, but rather are just as bigoted and racist as she is.

ANd that’s really the problem that she’shaving — there are thesetroublesome facts, these concepts that she doesn’t like, and yet she’s not aware enough to be able to effectively argue against them, so instead she does exactly what the other anti-trans bigots and racists do, which is make shit up.

And the sad part is that people fall for it.  Good people fall for it, and it poisons them.

Now, keep in mind, SAET has every right in the world to be a bigot and a twit and other nasty things.  I could, for example, leave a comment on her blog, and I’m reasonably certain she would only partially edit it if she left it in place.  But rather than sit down in what is sorta like her living room and argue with her, I’m choosing to respond here.  That’ the great thing about the world of blogs — there’s lots of different takes on a matter.

Now, here’s the rub: if Autumn wasn’t speaking for her, then everything she says in response to Autumn’s statement is, by extension, also a lie, because the basic core concept beneath it is a lie.  Its a basic rule — if you knock out the foundation, the building collapses. But, in her bigotry, she won’t be able to see that.

She didn’t in the past, when she quoted me, and then proceeded to talk about what I said in relation to something that was completely separate from what the quote said.  And none of those who commented on that post noticed that, or said anything.  When I’m talking about Item X, and she comes out and says I was talking about Item G, and the fact that I was talking about Item X is right there in the quote, a *reasonable* person would say “um, wait a sec, you are wrong about what she said, SA-ET.”

This is pretty much what she just did to Autumn.  But wait, there’s *more* to it.  There’s actually another time, in the same post, that she does this.

Yes, she lies about someone else.  And then, because she’s an idiot, I suppose, she proceeds to misspell someone’s name, over and over again, despite quoting them, and the quote containing their name.

Now, all of that leads one to suspect that she does not actually read the stuff she’s quoting.  Instead, she sees what she wants to see in those things.  She is literally making stuff up, creating something out of thin air, and then blathering on about it as if it was real, which is, strictly speaking, exceptionally delusional.

So, in honor of her, I’m going to do the same thing.

SA-ET today announced that henceforth she is going to only be known as a transgender and is seeking surgeon that will restore her ability to have a penis. You can read it in the link I supplied earlier.

What, you don’t see that in there?  Well it is.  Really.  I saw it.

And lots of people agree with me.

Ok, so no, she didn’t really say that, but, that’s the kind of thing she does in that article. And then, oblivious to it all, blinded by their own bigotry, allof her little followers pop in and chime in and say “oh yeah, that’s exactly it” .  Which tells you that they don’t read anything she writes, either.

I’ve made comparaisons in the past of her and the little clique she’s a part of to the folks over at Westboro Baptist church, to the KKK, to various organizations and groups that generally do the same thing.

Now, keep in mind that I don’t think that she or any of the others are actually members of those organizations, but the bullshit they do — the outright lies, the barely restrained homophobia, the internalized stigma, the arguments lacking any shred of reason, the overwhelming ignorance — is all par for the course when it comes to hate groups, and groups which seek to discriminate and demonize other groups.

Now, a really good example of the depths she will go is part of the restof her house of cards that’s already a falsehood fromt he get go, because she founds it on the basis that Autumn was speaking for her.  But it gets better, because she makes statements regarding other people that are absolutely false. To wit:

As far as the GLB and homosexual T activists/rank and file are concerned, heterosexual women of operative history are 1) in same-sex marriages…whether we like it or not…reducing us to something less than-other than simply female, 2) are in the marriage equality movement which is simply another way of telling us we are in the same-sex marriage  movement…whether we like it or not, and 3) will continue appropriating our positions…whether we like it or not, telling us that they know better than us what is best in our marriage and association…whether we like it or not.

That chunk right there is classic idiocy in action.

Let’s tackle it, shall we?

Ok, for one, what is a “homosexual T”?  Well, that would be a gay trans man, or a lesbian trans woman by most people’s lights, but she uses the idiom in a different way — she uses it to mean pretty much anyone who disagrees with her.  Because, in her mind, they are just a bunch of fucking pretenders in the first place.

Sylvia Rivera, for example, was a homosexual T to her.  Now, also note that she uses “homosexual” instead of Gay or lesbian.  This is because, as I’ve demonstrated in the past, SA-ET is a homophobe.  She thinks that gay people are all perverts and all about sex and they are sick fucks, and she’s the sort that would vote against marriage equality because she doesn’t like gay people. It’s the same kind of mindset that caused the defenders of Prop 8 to lose the court case, because it’s based on the very things that the plaintiffs spoke of.

Then it gets better…

She now goes on to say that most of the activists fighting for marriage equality that are inclusive of the T (not the homosexual T, mind you, just the T in general) think three things about straight trans women.

the first one is that activists think of straight transwomen as being in same sex marriages.  That’s fucking bullshit, and another outright lie.  What they think is that people who think like her and are opposing marriage equality are the ones that consider her just a gay man too scared to be gay.

Not the activists.  But, because she’s never really sat down and read and truly, honestly, genuinely comprehended the stuff they write (because she’s an engineer, I guess), she does a false attribution to them.  She might be smart as a whip, and I suspect that she’s pretty damned good at her job, but her ability to comprehend and critically read is not even up to 8th grade level if she’s making mistakes like this, and, well, she is.

And no one’s callng her out for it. No one’s telling her that she really should pay a bit more attention to what she’s reading so that she doesn’t do things like that.

Then there’s number two — she immediately identifies marriage equality with same sex marriage.  Well, that’s the kind of thing that  a homophobe would say.  You see, “same sex marriage” is a term used by the opponents of marriage equality (which happens to be more than just same sex marriage, but that’s another story).  The bigots.  The AFA, focus on the family, the Catholic church, the mormon church, the people who backed Proposition 8 and allthe amendments and all that crap.  Since they’ve got the money and the numbers, they control the framing — thus the use of such int he media.  But within the activist community, it’s called marriage equality because it is about straight, post operative transsexuals who want to be able to get married but are not allowed to.

Something she doesn’t think is possible.  Despite her fascination with the Araguz case. She’s spending more time trying to justify her support for Nikki and tearing down the Transgender center (remember, that for her, transgender is an insult, so she uses it as such) and the people reporting on the case than she is actually paying attention to the matters of law that are behind it.

She lives in a part of Texas that literally says if her husband’s family wanted to do so, they could void her marriage.  And she doesn’t think they can.  It is, seriously, delusion. She’s in denial, maybe,  Something. Definite disassociation from factual reality.

And that leads to the third point: that the activists think they know better, and she just has to deal with it.  Well, after seeing how little she knows about the actual issue above, it’s no fucking wonder.  They do.  They aren’t laboring under false ideas and bigotry like she is.

Now, after the first part of her completely untrue and deceitful statements in the beginning of the post, she shifts to some comments made on Bilerico in response to yet another attempt by Ms. Platine to self flagellate try and sell her own version of the basic lies SA-ET is selling.

Now, first off, Bil Browing’s name is spelled with one L. You can see that in the quote she makes.

In case she changes it after the fact, here’s the comment she makes to his quoted comment:

And, then there’s Bill Browning’s comment.  You all know Bill, of course.  He’s the manic depressed owner of Bilerico who is disabled and can’t work…yet is not so disabled that he can’t flit around the country giving speeches, talks, and taking interviews helter skelter:

“Pay no attention to the “transgender umbrella” crap. It happens on just about every trans thread. Just don’t feed the trolls and they go away.” Bil BrowningAugust 6, 2010 9:44 AM

Bill Browning simply dismisses outright our position of not wanting to be held captive to the GLB and homosexual T agenda…with a mighty wave of the hand.  Like everyone else in the GLB and homosexual T, if our position is voiced at all it is waved away as the rant of an odious, divisive troll.  The GLB and homosexual T know what is best for us and what our position should be…or so they think.

So, yeah…  Ok…  SAET can’t seem to write someone’s name out properly, which is, of course, why I’ve purposely avoided using the hyphen she uses in her name for most of this post.

Now granted, Bil’s popularity in trans circles is for shit still, so she’s got a better chance of getting away with this, but still, I mean, seriously — it’s just plain idiocy to misspell his name eachtime yuou use it and then have the farking quote there in the middle.

I am curious, though — I wasn’t aware Bil was disabled.

But, given that she lies about everything so far, is it any wonder that she’s seen as an odious, divisive troll? I mean, given that what she’s doing is, ultimately, being an odious, divisive troll.

When you are as far removed from truthful, factual reality as she is, well, yeah, the activists literally do know better.  Because they aren’t quite as stupid about it as she’s being.

(yeah, I’m being really hard on her.  And no, I don’t like her very much.  The feeling is pretty mutual.  But you know what?  She’s earned it.)

I won’t get into the whole ableist aspect of her prejudice around people that she perceives as mentally ill — she’s terrified of even possibly being seen so herself (despite, well, her absolute possession of some sort of mental illness),  to the point that she’s constructed some really intersting ways of separating herself from the whole psychiatry aspect of transsexualism, yet still clings to the term transsexualism, despite the word itself meaning someone with a fucking mental illness.

Go figure.

Next, she does it again — quotes someone and then literally ignores what they actually said and makes something up out of whole cloth and turns it into something else.  It’s important here to remember that she considers transgender a insult, that when she uses the term, it has only negative connotations and groundings, and she abhors transgender people, and considers them inferior and less than her.

And then there is this:

“I respect Rad’s right to define her own social identity as separate from the transgender community, however her personal definition of Transgender and her view of Balkanized, adversarial TS vs. TG communities do not speak for me or a majority of transsexual individuals I know.” Kelley WintersAugust 5, 2010 11:54 PM

This is important for a reason I will come back to.  The point is Kelly Winters is right, the majority of the transgender types do not want to break from the transgender movement.

Note the stuff I set up in color.

Kelley is talking about Transsexuals.  Susan is talking about Transgender.  Now, given that she sees a difference between transgender and transsexual, you’d think she would understand that Kelley meant, specifically, transsexuals.  But nope, she’s decided to turn that around and make it all about the folks she has a strong aversion for, the folks she has an intense dislike of, the folks that she fears (because they are making her life harder with all this “omg, they are perverts and sex stuff and bad things will come of activism).

Now, you know what you call it when you have someone who has an aversion, an intense dislike of, or a fear regarding something?  A phobia.  Look it up.  That’s the basic definition of a mental illness.

I’ll leave it to you to figure out the kind of phobia she has.

Now, finally, after all the rest of the above falsehoods, she honestly expects that the grand and whopping illogic of her feeling that she and her little clique are the one’s being discriminated against to hold up, despite the fact that in truth, as has been shown in detail, using her won words, and her own habits, she is one of the one’s that is discriminating against them.

She is, in effect, working in collusion withthe anti-LGBT organizations out there, the same one’s who are trying to do the same thing, and she tries to play it as a numbers game, forgetting that her own words and beliefs place her into a part of the majority, not a part of the a minority.

Now, I’ve taken nearly 3000 words to rip her a brand new butthole for the post selected here, but it’s important to note that this is her *standard* methodology.  I could do the same thing with nearly every single one of her last 15 posts.

Like her crony AriaBlue, who’s turn is coming up soon, Susan is one of the bad guys.  She doesn’t want to be, but her own personal prejudices are blinding her to how to be anything but a bad guy.  She’s no different in terms of outlook and philosophy than Maggie of NOM, or David Duke, or Michael Bailey.

And she doesn’t care.  She just wants all the trans blogs to shut down.  She wants the activists to tuck tail and run.  She wants the media to not talk about trans people.  She wants it all to go away.

Because of her own, personal, mental illness.

Collusion is what she’s doing.   Personally, I can only hope that human beings have become a bit more kind in the years since the end of world war 2.

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