On The iDJiT Today…Morning Edition

Congress has not yet instituted any action to impeach him.

He used the infamous “Make our Country Safe” line that all fascist tyrants fictional and real have used, because “safe” is always code for their insecurity and paranoia.

He said Chuck Schumer cried “fake Tears” in a comment.

Note that nationwide Protests that shut down airports above and beyond Delta’s problems is” going very well and few problems” — even though among those problems is his Administartions refusal to comply with several different court orders directly affecting the Ban — includig one that ordered a stay.

This means he has officially declared due process violations “going well”.

He exhorts folks to study the word, while failing to have done so himself — if he had, he would not have done this.

The interesting thing about this is that Sean Spicer, the fascist mouthpiece of the moment, cited Atlanta and San Bernardino attacks as justification for the ban — the fifth such one since it was signed, and easily the 100th.

The San Bernardino attackers were from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Neither of which is affected at all by the ban.

HE continues to claim that it is not a ban on muslims, even though his own white house page on it calls it that.

Meanwhile, in Canada, a Mosque is attacked by gunmen as people come out after prayers.

A million British citizens have signed a petition to deny him entry to the United Kingdom for state visits.

Senators Duckworth and Durbin sent a letter Sunday night to the DHS inspector calling for an investigation into the enforcement despite the court order.

ISIS loves the ban.  It is swelling their ranks.

Meanwhile, nothing has been done about the thousands of state department workers and their families in other nations.

As this is about to go to bed, iDJiT orders a two for one repeal of *All* regulations — meaning that for every one his junta puts out, two more must be repealed.

That is all for the first installment of the day.