On the plans are being laid

This is my primary, active home on the interwebs. I have missed it, but, as with my new home on the analog world, I am slowly getting the place fixed up the way I like it.

You might notice that there are lots of new On Fundamentals posts, and links to some that haven’t migrated yet. You might notice I have a Comments Policy in place, and that I posted my “about” page.

There are Other Things coming up, though…


What you probably don’t notice is that I will have a newsletter that will probably go out about once a month.

Yeah, its that kinda thing. The newsletter will always cover something about what’s happened in the last month, will promote folks I think deserve promoting, and generally have some odds and ends in it.

Never ads. I might beg a little, though. I hate ads. Especially on blogs. I get why they are there, but, well, yeah, you get it.

Additional Authors

Folks, I might not be getting old, but I am getting busy. Plans for the invasion are afoot, and so I might just need a few people to step in and give it a whirl.

Given that this is my home, they are gonna be people who might not always agree with me, but they can damn sure write a good post and they have a tone that’s not too far off my own.

With my luck, ya’ll will like them more than me and they will go off to internet blog fame.

Which, honestly, is going to be cool by me, lol.

Who, you might ask? No clue right now. I figure a few folks will volunteer if they are up for it. Anyone can try. Seriously — anyone.

Applications will begin when I get the damn submission form up. Which should be sometime in the near future, and the process is easy: write something you think I would post.

simple, huh?

One trick: no title can start with “On…”. There is a reason.

Video Podcast

I am going to make that furtive attempt at a video podcast. This will be a video that is uploaded to my YouTube account and so forth, and be posted here and made available through iTunes and all that kinda thing. Recorded, edited, scored, the works.
My kinda sorta goal is to make it like a brief, 20 minute or so piece on some topical thing. We’ll see.


Now, this is interesting. So, like, you know, OMG, I totally want to be like a movie star and stuff, right? So Like I’m gonna do a like live


Ok, look, I am going to use Periscope and do a weekly live broadcast where ya’ll can comment and ask questions and joke around and we’ll sorta have like a thing. Coffee and tea and light snacks (very light, I had to start a diet).

That means that my Twitter account will be the place to watch, but I am also going to post the time and all that here and other places, like my Facebook Page.

Livestreams will be archived here.

Posting Frequency

So although I am posting today (twice, no less), the goal here is to post 3 times a week.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Posts could be one, or more, but they will always be on those three days, excepting today’s stuff.

Which means, yes, there will be a post tomorrow.  By telling you this, if’n you don’t feel like clicking the subscribe button, you can at least know when to look for new stuff.

I will be adding things to the site as I go, including some of the book stuff and things that I recover, and those might go up at odd times, but they will be pages, so you won’t get bothered by notifications and things.

Other Projects

So I am currently revamping the Trans 100 site, and getting things set up over there, but that is a slower process.

The Transcentrism site is coming out after I get done with the others.

Tonidorsay.com will be up right after I ge the Trans 100 at least somewhat squared away.

After that, I have a local Phoenix project that will be a big part of the next two years at least.

Right now I am dealing with the behind the scenes paperwork involving business and government crap. Money does not grow on trees and this girl has to pay her bills.

Fortunately for me, right now a nice low price of 18,000 a year pays all my bills.If anyone feels like subsidizing me, I would be grateful, lol.

So that’s it.

Hope ya’ll will come and join me for some more good times.