Who is Mrs. Antonia Elle D’orsay, Ph.D., M.S., M.A.?

She is black and white and red all over.  She is from Arizona, a veteran, and is 55 years old as of 2020. She is currently widowed, has five children and five grandchildren. She currently lives in Southern California, but still says her home is Arizona.

She is a sociologist and psychologist.

She is the creator and Executive Director of The Trans 100. She is recognized internationally, nationally, and locally as an Expert on Trans Lives. She is formerly the Executive Director of This Is HOW, which became the largest Trans organization in Arizona. She has directly helped over 5,000 trans people, and is an active researcher and writer on the Social psychology around Trans lives.

She is the former CEO of Transcentrism, a trans centric effort that focuses on building infrastructure for Trans people.

She is presently the Director of Trans Services for what is the Largest FQHC in the United States as of this writing, by patients. She does not take prisoners.

She has worked with researchers in serveral specialties for the last 25 years, and has contracted for work with the White House and the United Nations.  She is known for hating to be “seen” and well known outside select circles in the industry.  She does not want the spotlight — she just wants her work to be recognized and her thoughts listened to enough to influence policy and practice — but does not want to be the one up front. She often gives away credit for her work, and believes in lifting others up as she has been lifted up.

Her ego is so large, it has burst out of this Universe and invaded 17 others as of this writing.  You think that’s just air you are breathing?

She is Just One Little Girl.


Her fans are the people who hate her. The people who like her are generally called “borg”, “cultists”, “loons”, “creeps”, “weirdos” and various other terms all indicating “people that no one wants to be around”.

She writes dyssonance.com.  She is also available on tonidorsay.com.

She is 5 foot 8 and change, 145 pounds (that she admits to; her estimated weight at present is more like 170), known to laugh often and smile frequently, and helping trans people *is* her job.  She went and got a life, and it is a pretty good one, overall, that she enjoys far more than she finds troublesome.

She is an internet gunslinger of sorts at times.  If someone is harassing you and you are a trans person, you can seek her help and if you genuinely need it, she will step in and take the worst that people can throw at her.

Which can be pretty bad.  Let’s look at some of that – stuff said about her:

She is an egotistical, arrogant, prudish, vindictive little fuck that needs to have her head opened up and examined preferably by untrained people.

She is one sick puppy.  She is scum that eats the livers of young children for breakfast, and she doesn’t even like liver.

She is the guy you were warned about, the dark shadow that you catch out of the corner of the eye as you walk by those dark alleyways.

She’s probably trans, but she lies about everything, so you can’t even be sure that’s true.  When given a choice between the lady or the tiger, she’s the tiger. With rabies. And one of those matador swords in her neck.

You know that feeling you get when you are in the middle of a really scary movie or book, and something happens to make you jump? Well, if you do know that feeling, she’s like that. If you don’t, well, you’ll find out and be screaming as your brains drip down the back of your throat.

She cheats. She’s crazy, ugly, guilty, shame filled, and miserable.  She’s what you think of when you close your eyes and envision the worst of what humanity has to offer.

She is among the worst of the transgender kooks, a loose cannon, someone to be worried about, a sociopathic nutjob, a perverted, mutilated freak whose only value in this world is that she serves as a punching bag for others.

She might not get physically violent, but she will find a way to destroy those who dislike her. She scares people. 

the Emperor Palpatine of the trans************* movement himself,

She is a bizarre troll, poor, some group called “peak radfem”, sad, a dick, a bad father, a moron even when she’s right, got her degrees from an online for profit university, and other assorted heinous crimes, as well, such as the Trans Nation Bumper sticker.

She is pretty smart for a black girl. She writes a blog full of verbose, pseudo-intellectual bullshit. Dealing with her would drive anyone to drink.

Half the time after dealing with toni i have to fight the urge to smoke a bowl and bathe in bleach so…

When the only way to make sense of a d’orsay post is to mainline crazy and do a rectal shot of pure ethanol, but no seriously this shunt would drive a teetotaler to three fingers of everclear with a chase of bleach

She is a murderer and war criminal, pretentious and only a male would use so many words. She runs all the trans blogs on tumblr, especially 18 that are the worst of the worst.  She uses horrible terms like “housie” and the slur “TERF”, and she only ever attacks women and never does anything else except make real women miserable by stalking them and she doesn’t respect ownership of tags or the term femme.

She is, then, everything that a lot of people who spend their time trying to say mean, nasty, ugly, hurtful things to other people dislike, because she isn’t affected by any of the old reliable and standard nasty, ugly, hurtful things.

They call this wife, widow, mom, grandmother, veteran, sociologist and psychologist all those things and more — like “man”, “ugly”, and more.

And all of the above are the *nice* things they say. The really bad stuff they hide from people who don’t follow them.

Things like death threats.

The things they think about me have become mythical, and I have become a symbol to them, my mere existence a threat to them.

That is who Toni D’orsay is. The Empress of the Known Universes (17 and counting), the Empress of the Empire once written about…

Dyssonance. The great and wonderful Wizard of Transness…

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