Comments Policy

This is my blog. It does not have terms of service beyond what I decide they are, and it is hosted and paid for by me. So, the buck stops with me. You got problems, you gotta deal with me.

Know what you are talking about. Biggest and most important rule.

Comments, asks, and submissions are moderated. Heavily.

Do not insult me here.  This is very much like my living room. It is leased property, and I am very much dutifully protective of it. Really offensive comments that focus on insulting me in particular are subject to publication after editing. Best rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t be in my living room having a nice cup of tea or coffee, with the television on in the background playing music or running some action flick, then you probably don’t want to say it here.

Do not comment here under false pretenses. That does include your name. If it isn’t really your name, then remember that you are, ultimately, being anonymous.. Anonymity is an option, and it annoys me, so I like to make up whatever comes to mind when it comes to anons. That is, if I decide you are a nazi sympathizer, you are one, and you can’t defend yourself while on Anon so it becomes true by default.

Pay attention to context.  Out of context commentary is pretty insulting. Also, when I am engaged in an exchange with someone else and you come in on anon and are an asswipe, intentionally or not, I will treat you as one.

If you really don’t like me, as a person, for whatever reason, don’t bother commenting.  It will save both of us some headaches. You don’t have to like me. I like lots of people who do not like me. I can be somewhat hard to deal with.

Remember that I interrogate things from a sociological perspective. If you don’t understand that, you can ask.  I don’t mind being asked.

You do not have to agree with everything I say. Agreement isn’t required. Being a fool and a hater and insulting me, though, is going to get you treated like a fool and a hater and insulted. If you repeat to me things which are known to be false, or use data in a manner that misrepresents it or portrays something contrary to established and known science, I will come down on you as insulting me, lying through your teeth, and being a generally insipid and gullible fool.

Pay attention to these things:

your logical fallacy is

derailing for dummies

Think of those as additional rules for comments. You are welcome to use them against me. I will use them against you, and comments which seriously cross those things will not be published most of the time. Those which are will be moderated — heavily.  And when I say that, I mean I may just go in and change every single word you wrote.

This blog  is a personal space, where I share whatever I feel like sharing, where I write whatI feel like writing, and, much like my living room, you had better well be a close personal friend or relative if you think you can get away with being a fool.

I do provide a contact form for questions and suggestions.  You are free to use it.  I may or may not answer. Some things, you just never know…

There you go — a comments policy.