On The Trans 100 for 2017 — Nominations open, and going for it

Its been a pretty rough time for Ole Dyssonance the last few years.

I’ve whined about it a lot. Like, tons. So you don’t need that anymore.

But the one thing that I give a damn about the most in terms of work I want to see grow is The Trans 100.

Getting the oomph back to do it has been a nightmare for me, because, well, personal stuff  But sometimes you just have to say screw it and go for it.

So I am.

I burned some bridges — bridges I didn’t want to burn and that I wish I hadn’t, but I did, it, I own it, and so things aren’t exactly the way I would like them, but well, as they say, shit happens.

When there isn’t a hill for it to roll down, you get mired in it, and it took me a while to dig my way out.

Bluntly, if you have a pdf copy of the old lists, I would love to have it. The ones I had are gone, and I really would like to get them up on the TheTrans100.com.

The nice thing about being the gal who does this stuff is that when the noms go up, I get to make the very first one.

There are rules, you know.  So long as I run the Trans 100, I can never be in it. Its a hard and fast rule that I made. The Team itself (the people who are part of the actual team that, I sorta hope, will one day get paid) cannot be on the list.

Curators can be. Always. But not “staff”, not me.

This applied for a while. To one person without whom the Trans 100 would never have been possible. Jen Richards.

So, yes, the first nomination was indeed Jen Richards. I just hope the curators include her. In case you wonder the basis of that idea, it is Her Story — the Grammy nominated web series.

Because of my personal crap, there was no 2016 Trans 100. So this year, folks can be nominated for their work in 2015 as well.

It will be the only year for such, by gum!

There is more coming down the road — a list of our great forebears and the people who made it possible for us to be here.  The folks who lived and died in service to their community, and the ones who are still around but maybe not so active because it does take a tool, and we tend to forget those who came before really easily.

That will start up with nominations in April, and be delivered in late summer.

The Trans 100 is about celebrating Trans Lives, about recognizing our contributions to the world at large, and showing that we are more than just potty breaks and whatever hate of the moment is spewed at us.

This year, I don’t think there will be an Event. Primarily because I haven’t the first clue how to set one up.  Really. I don’t know the costs, I don’t know the places, and I just plain don’t know the people to talk to that make such things happen.

I have contacts I can reach out to, but like I said, I burned some bridges. I’m not sure they are still willing.

Besides, that’s what I need partners in recognition for.

So the task begins again, on a much compressed timetable.

Less than 20 days to research, vote, and collate a collection of 100 amazing Trans people.

But it will happen.

Oh, and yeah — I am doing an international list this time.

Because this is America.