On 10 days left to Nominate Possibility Models

A few years back, actress Laverne Cox was doing the rounds, and she spoke about how she didn’t see herself as a Role Model, but rather as a Possibility Model.

It was following her inclusion in the inaugural Trans 100 and since then those folks have been using that term when they are on their game.

There are 10 days left to nominate Trans people doing excellent work in the community for the next one.

Due out on March 31st, as ever, and I hear tell they will likely have an announcement to make regarding an event.  But You didn’t hear it from Dyss — I mean, I don’t know anything about that stuff unless you proffer me cheap bribes.

In any case the point of this post is to let you now that they are a little short on international nominations, and can always use more US ones, too.

Ten days is not long.

In fact, to make it as easy as possible, let me throw out the two nomination forms here! Because why the hell not, right? Surely you can think of someone who has done great work over the last two years in one or more of the many different categories on behalf of trans people.

I mean, really, it covers the gamut.  So get nominating!  At least one!  I hear there are clothiers, Stage and Screen performers, and even “secret” producers and behind the scenes types!

There is only person you cannot nominate. Me. 😉

First off, we have the US nomination form:


Next we have the international Form!