On The 2017 Trans 100 Event – Yes, there will be one

As I have been ramping back up the Trans 100, one of my personal concerns and a point of contention for me personally was that I am not particularly skilled at putting on a show.

I can organize an event, but a show — no, that requires something more than I have experience with. It is, to use a term I often hurl at others, an area where I am incompetent.  Unlike those I throw it at, however, I am aware of this.

The great thing, though, is that when you put it out there, the Universe answers.  I don’t mean in some damn fool “the Secret” way, I mean in the more damn fool way of spiritual metaphysics we like to disguise as religious belief.

And a gentleman named Rhys Harper came calling, and now there is an Event.

The Event is for us — that is, for the Trans community.  It is our night, our moment to reflect on the breadth and diversity of our community, and to see each other and recognize each other.

It is not a conference, where we are going to work and learn and network — it is just us saying dammit, we are awesome people, and we deserve something that is not only ours, but that is especially ours.

We deserve more than one, as well.

The Trans 100 is released on March 31st each year.  There are times when that involves Easter, so it can be a bit challenging.  Here in Phoenix, it also involves close proximity to Pride (because no one does Pride in June here — that’s suicide).

The reason for that date is that is the International Trans Day of Visibility.  The TDOV. A day where we get to recognize and be seen by each other and those around us, and this effort fits well with that idea.

As a collective Community, we also have The International Trans Day of Remembrance. It is not as happy and positive a time, and it is exceedingly important in its own right — and does not need something to distract from the serious and somber messages and reflections that go along with it.

But between those two events is another date. August 1st. Between those two ideas — remembering those who have been taken from us and recognizing those who struggle for us — there is a different ground.

Between those points lies a space where we need to reflect on our history, remember and recognize those on whose shoulders we stand from all over the world, thank those few who have placed their lives on the front lines with us, and look at the way that we are represented in the many forms of art and media and storytelling.

That is the point of The Vanguard 25, the Benefice 25, and the Trans Media 25.

And to that, we will add, each year, one Living Legend.

From that, we get The Trans Vanguard Event, on August 1st of each year, starting this year.

More nominations to make folks, starting on April 15th. Speaking of, Nominations are still open for the Trans 100 — both National and International

The interesting thing about both events, however, is that they will be moving from place to place each year. And the people who will be moving it are the local ones — local groups, informal and formal, who get together and decide “hey, we can do this”.  Big cities and little cities, red states and blue states, working to bring the Events to their city.

Phoenix, Arizona will be the location of The Trans 100 Event in 2018, but The Trans Vanguard Event for 2017 is not set, nor is the one for 2018. And both Events are open in 2019 and 2020.

There are requirements, of course.  There are always requirements.  Proposals have to be written up, locations scouted, sponsorships figured out, the stuff that allows an event to happen — and The Trans 100 will help where we can.

The Events will be announced at the one before it — so The Trans 100 coming up this year will announce the Trans Vanguard location for this year, which in turn will announce next year’s host for the Trans 100 and so on.

If I might be so bold and forward, work up some presentations, people. You can get the minimum details from The Trans 100 events page:


Proposal Submissions will be open shortly, I am informed.

Meanwhile, I am excited and deeply happy that The Trans 100 is moving forward after what has been a pretty rough and dark time for me, personally — one could say that it is what is pulling into the Light.

Which, Lord knows, we need a lot more of these days.

A. E. “Toni” D’orsay
ED, The Trans 100