On the new term for that orange fuck in the big chair

So I have been calling the orange fuck in the big chair iDJiT for a while now, and it has been a very unpleasant experience for me to do so, as I find the term to be ableist — something I have noted previously.

I have also been looking for a new term for him in the process, but such a thing is very difficult to find, given that it has to meet certain critieria because if I am going to break my own rules about how one treats other people, then I had damn well better do it in a structured fashion.

Those rules are:

It cannot involve his name (initials are allowable)

It cannot involve any trademark

It cannot rely on conflating him with historical shitty people (Hitler, Stalin, etc)

It must be insulting

It needs to have multiple meanings

It cannot involve a creature with a spine

It needs to be unique to him (this is why I do not use turdblossom any longer)

It cannot grant him any respect or position as a leader/ruler/office holder

I have asked a few times over the last few months (since November) for suggestions — and been jumped on by people (kindly, mind you, though one was pretty hostile) about the ableism — and I admitted it to them, which shocked at least one.

(For those unaware, I am well acquainted with my own personal biases in this area).

The big key for me was getting suggestions.

Yesterday I asked for some once again.  Among them was SCROTUS.  Which is fine except for that whole “ruler” part — I refuse to grant him even that much.

As I looked at it, however, I realized that there was a way I could take that and use it in a nicer manner, which is kinda important since I do dislike the fact that it places me in a bad place.

I made a vow to never use his name.  I have been fortunate in writing, and mostly effective in personal speaking.

But Schotus, well, that’s perfect.  Not quite as insulting as I would like it to be, but still quite effective for the purposes I will be putting it to.  Pretendent Schotus also has that nice ring for future (10, 15 years down the road) use when people are doing quizzes about the Presidents of the US and I need to answer.

So, going forward, I will be using Schotus to refer to iDJiT.

I will likely use iDJiT on occasion still, but it will be deprecated and I will do my best.

As an update t this, on 3/2/2017. I hav noticed a marked tendency to reference him as “The Orange Fuckup shitting in the White House”, or TOFSITWH.