On Assorted persecutions of ammunition’s

Tax the hell out of ammunition. Like we did with cigarettes. Use that money to pay for the medical and funeral care of gunshot victims, to fund research into alternative non lethal weapons, to fund the protection of wildlife.

Lots of stuff? Too much stuff? Meh. Tax them a buck a bullet. Tax them five bucks a bullet.

There is no constitutional right to ammunition.

License, regulate, and tax the hell out of them.

Gun violence in the US is out Of control.

there is zero right to own, stockpile, buy, sell, trade, or otherwise engage in the use of ammunition.

The right to own a firearm is not concomitant to the right to fire it.

I don’t actually have an issue with ownership of firearms. It is a human right in the US, and to change it would truly require a massive grassroots effort involving ratification across 36 states by popular vote (so, factually, it is very doable, but the economic will to do so is absent).

We have, as a nation, become inured to the deaths of children, of mothers, of best friends, of people who are attending concerts and clubs.

We have focused too long on the firearms themselves, and not enough on the ammunition that they fire.

“Guns don’t kill people” they say.

Fine. But I will bet if require the manufacture of ammunition to be strictly regulated, with expensive ID technology so we can always identify the bullet, and limit the number of rounds that can be purchased, we can make it significantly more difficult to murder people for no other reason than you don’t like them.

Now, I like to shoot. Targets, challenges, the occasional miscreant trespasser, and I like to hunt things that are legal to hunt.

(Yeah, I said damn, too, because they aren’t legal to hunt)

But I don’t need more than a box to hunt, and it certainly isn’t hard to enable ranges to provide rounds since they do it already.

Much like pharmacies stock the good cold medicine you have to sign and show ID for stock it.

Some will note that you can make your own bullets.

Well, you can make your own anything these days if you know how. But the equipment to do so is often easily tracked and regulated.

So that argument isn’t solid.

Keep your guns. Keep the stockpile of ammo you have already.

No, really, keep it. Hold that stuff tight, because it will go up in value on that black market that the drug dealers and criminals use.

Just don’t let them know you have it. And when you sell it to them through an honest seeming third party, remember that is how those kids were killed.

But at least we won’t have over 30 shootings in one month.

We need to place on ammunition sales the same sort of restrictions we have on certain otc drug remedies.