On the Right using the Left to make the Left look bad.

So, imma gonna tell you a secret about how the right attacks corporations using the outrage of the left in an effort to make them seem reasonable.

So you may have heard a story about how Doritos is going to make a chip for women.

It isn’t quite true.

The story was first published by a News Corp rag in the U.K.

The interviewed higher up said they were looking at ways to make chips and messy snacks more readily consumed by women who happen to have stereotypical munching habits and want to keep their hands clean.

Nothing about only marketing them to women, nothing about how it was even a definite idea, nothing that really justified the Doritos is making pink potato chips kind of headline.

In that piece, they gathered reaction from an MP who is known to be pretty conservative. She gave them a nice chuckle moment (polite crisps, indeed).

Next, the story was run by the New York rag owned by News Corp (and others around the world), pretty much verbatim.

Now it has hit video, complete with talking heads, on the FOX news channel, the jewel of News Corp’s properties.

Only now they can pull in more liberal outrage because hey, you know, they get nuts about those kind of things.

Now liberals look like they are reacting to police a company over women being told they like to be neater than men.

And now other news outlets will pick it up, and the impact will be a reduced degree of like on the left for the company, even though nothing was actually being done beyond trying to figure out how to reach yet another market.

Manipulation that also makes liberals look bad, look as if they are just angry and out of control and at war with everything.

If you are not impressed yet, you should be.