On The Food Boxes idea (the War on America, part 7216)

A quick reminder about food boxes of the sort recently advocated by some incompetent malcontent.

Food boxes of this sort are a way of destroying culture, values, and community. For over 100 years, food boxes were supplied that contained none of the traditional foods or goods that were used by my Native ancestors, separating them from their cultural heritage.

When was the last time you had “Chinese”, or “Mexican”, or “Indian” or “Soul” food? Now, how many Chickasaw restaurants have you heard of? How many Lakota? How many Cheyenne?

When was the last time you went to a new city and sat down to a Native American traditional meal?

How many of you thought of frybread, there? Frybread was born out of food boxes. Seems nice, huh?

What breads using Native grains were there before that?

For thousands of years, in hundreds of cultures, distinct cuisines were developed, and we have lost them.

And instead made due with food boxes. Which replaced and erased those cuisines.

Every single year that the current Generation of GOP Regressives are in power is a year of the destruction of American Ingenuity, the end of the amazing diversity of foods and recipes, and the reduction to the simplest, most unhealthy basics possible.

Because every year, more and more people will find that their stagnant wages have left them in poverty, and every single year, more and more people will be kicked off because they have had these food boxes for too long.

It is a racist, colonizing, demoralizing, cruel thing to do.

Which is why they want to do it.