Hmmm. What have we here?

So, been a long while since i hopped on here to write something.

I have been using Facebook for a lot of my usual long ass posts, but I am starting to tire of it, and especially the way the algorithm is super annoying.

I would love to tell you I am back, but well, not sure I am.  Not that I have stopped, but here is a place where no one can report me for saying something nasty about the orange motherfucker.

I will say that he has Covid19.  ANd that I think that is a good thing.  His getting special treatment isn’t, but at the same time the pragmatic stuff gets in the way (some folks still call him a leader, even though no one really believes that except Klan members and Proud Boys).

I do want to return here, though.  COme back to this and use it the way I felt it was to be used, but I need to sit and think for a bit.

The last few years have been busy, incredibly busy — who knew that it would take this much work to create and entire trans medicine program from scratch?  Oh, wait, I did.

But, in the interim, let’s see where this goes.

Catch ya again soon…