On You Will Be…

You will be threatened.

You will be intimidated.

You will be arrested.

You will be jailed.

You will be smeared in the press and on social media.

You will be attacked at your home and place of work and you are likely to be fired for it.

You will find that as more people — the loudest, most popular ones, first — are subjected to this, that more people will grow quiet.

You will be told to be silent for your own safety, to go along to get along. To not rock the boat or makes waves or be warned about being a team player with analogies to baseball and football and basketball.

You will find people moving away from you, calling you weird, unaware of how accurate that word is.

You will find that these things happen to you when you speak out, act out, stand out, in opposition to the new administration.

Names will be taken, so never give yours. Photos will be taken, so never allow it.
That is what they want.
That is what they will do.
This is what you need to prepare for.
Not in fear, though. Do not fear any of these things.

Embrace them. Do not hide, do not run, do not say you will behave.

Aim to misbehave, aim to be louder, more visible, more defiant, more courageous and more powerful.

Now, more than ever before in your life, be the change you want to see in the world.

Be brave. Be defiant. Be the voice of Freedom.

Be yourself, no matter what the world throws at you, knowing they will throw everything at you.

Smile when they do it.

Because the fact they do it proves that the ones who are truly afraid are them.

Of you.