On P.r.i.d.e.

Pride month is about celebrating the awesomeness that is being all the varied forms of different often included in a massive collection of letters in an acronym typically shortened to some form containing LGBT.

Soooo many. And no agreement on what all of them are, lol.

But this isn’t about the acronym, this is about the people, in all their forms and flairs and fancies.

Pride is not about parades, not about parties, not about puffery and politics, policing and pandering, purity and pansies.

Pride is about protest. Pride is about persistence. Pride is about promotion and prerogatives and persecution.

Pride is about resentment and rebellion and resistance and refusal and resounding recruitment.

Pride is about individuality and indignity, about I and not U, about independence and integrity and instinctive intimacy.

Pride is about defiance and defense and determination and damn you, I will not be your floor covering of the moment.

Pride is about everything that has to do with being a living person.

Pride is about the joy and celebration of being a person, a human being a citizen, with rights and dignity and about that rare and resilient thing called being Authentic.

The rest is just the organizational aspect of remembering that fact. Which can be as messed up as the world we live in.