Reprise/Return: Protesting defense tips

Amazon sells martial arts supplies, including a Kick pad that is essentially a thick shield, good for stopping rubber and bean bag rounds.

Goggles are cheap — hardware stores have safety goggles.

The need for ppe means clear lucite face shields are cheap and available.

Be prepared for gunshot wounds in your prep work and safe zones. Get nurses and Medical assistant to help.

Rechargeable leaf blowers can be picked up for under 50 bucks, good for scattering tear gas — recently used in Hong Kong.

Always set a safe zone and have designated medics. Do not use the traditional Red Cross on a white background sign. They become targets.

Do not use major social media to plan efforts. Copy this post.

ShopVacs are portable and can be used to house the same, or to redirect.

Home fire extinguishers that are CO based can be used to douse gas rounds.

Portable cameras can be fed to a repeater linked to your cell phone if you have a data plan and can use it as a hotspot. Gives you the ability record multiple areas at once, but will eat your minutes and data up fast.

Drones are very handy for getting a good shot of the crowds and the reaction, and can help identify and record acts of brutality. Be sure to have extra batteries.

Get a cheap secondary phone for your protests — or use an old one you didn’t trade in.

Record everything.

Roller skates make for effective retreats at speed, even when carrying.

If your mask has an insert, trade it for light foam and douse in milk.

24 by 36 inch plexi poster frames can be used as body shields.

Small BBs are cheap, can be spread over a large area and act as movement reducers.

Set a ten foot perimeter around identified cops. Don’t fence them, just say get ten feet away from that cop. Loudly. And point.

Mix everclear with clear gelatin for effective molotovs.

To do a delay, use a candle stub or votive nestled in shredded paper.

To a cup of water add 1 tsp lemon juice, 1/4 cup vegetable oil, and 10 tblspns of chili powder. Add in the dye ink. Blend until it becomes a suspension. Use to mark undercovers.

At home hair dye is also good.

Soak cigarettes in lemon water over night. Put into a spray bottle. Do not use a squirt gun of any sort. Use to spray hostiles that are not uniformed. Any bare skin will do. You can add common irritants often by grinding household plants leaves up and pouring hot water through them in cheese cloth. Some ivy like plants are very good at this.

Do not forget that Covid is an airborne viral agent transmissible through shouting and spitting.

Wear your masks. Take precautions, keep forearms and necks covered, as well as your legs.

Wear comfortable shoes that enclose your feet. Without laces are best, because if you get arrested, they take them and forget to give them back a lot of the time.

Wear gloves — and carry lots of spares. I would suggest double gloving, but that might be too much for some folks.

If you have diabetes, asthma, COPD, smoke (vape, weed, or tobacco), or heart issues, stay at the fringes and do not get too close to unprotected people.

Carry a car battery and extra water along with jumper cables in case you need to create a safe space around you.

Use small portable butane or propane burners to create a risk zone for up to ten minutes. Use a candle to the side to set a bit more.

To a cup of water add 1 tsp lemon juice, 1/4 cup vegetable oil, and 10 tblspns of chili powder. Add in the dye ink. Blend until it becomes a suspension. Use to mark undercovers.

Avoid fertilizer explosives, as they tend to be less effective in weight to damage ratio than reduction based nitrics.

Sawdust is useful. Combine with reduced nitrates carefully and you have a very useful nitrocellulose tool that has a long history and is very portable. You can search out reduction methods on google. Be warned: this is extremely dangerous.

Equal parts flour and home powdered sugar (not storebought, just powder it in a blender) make a decent highly flammable cloud for dispersal. If a chemical propellant weapon is discharged within it, it will ignite.

use two man carries whenever fleeing a scene. The crossed forearms are the best tactic for speedy retreat to milk and antacid stations.

Identify safe houses and staging homes — do not use a business or church. Safe houses should have seemingly excessive first aid supplies, a lot of over the counter meds to reduce inflammation, stomach upset, bandages, splints, ice packs, hot packs, and even straight gauze and plaster of Paris.

Buy cheap 20 dollar wigs. Wear large sunglasses. Wear your masks from Covid lockdown. Do not wear the “bandana style” mask. They attract attention in a way the simple cloth ones don’t.

Safe houses should be no more than a quarter mile apart. Different ones for different functions.

Cover your fingertips with paraffin — warm, but not melted. Soft paraffin makes prints harder to pull.

Use superglue for fingers. Removes with acetone or nail polish remover. Paraffin will never stay put long. Wear gloves and cheap shoes with common treads, preferably inexpensive boots that go over the ankle for less risk when moving.

Protest signs can be attached to inexpensive plastic pipes for plumbing. Large diameter ones make excellent bats.

Buy lots of eggs.

One of your safe houses would ideally be underground and or not in a normally occupied place. Think like or consult and old prepper on safety, security, and camouflage.

Feel free to add your own.

Whatever gave you the idea I am a peaceable sort? I might not have the force I used to behind a punch, but my particular brand of resistance never really depended on being the strongest physically.