On 2017: The Empire Striking Back

Well, damn.

Life got complicated for me, and Truth be told I wasn’t fully back inside my head, so it took until the Election to really kick my ass back into gear.

But I am wholly back now, and devoted to not just the effort involved in getting my personal life back into a decent space by my standards, but also, I am back tot he old form Dyssonance.

The one with claws.

For those who don’t recall that Dyss, it isn’t a fun one. I am angry, I am feeling betrayed, I am furious with the world at large.

So, naturally, being the sort of wonderful person I am, I will take it out on the problems in the world.

One big thing is that here, at Dyssonance.com, I will focus on identifying and calling out the Problems.

Over at ToniDorsay.com, I will focus on solutions.

And at the Trans 100, I will focus on recognizing excellence in service to the Trans community.

But, to start, I have to be back here, my home. THe place where it all started, a decade and change ago, and a place that, now, perhaps more than ever, needs to come back.

Because let’s be frank, shall we: the collective “liberal/Progressive community in the US fucked up enormously, and we need to get our shit together, and we have about 6 months to do that.

So let’s get busy and create the Resistance in truth, not merely as a hashtag, and let’s break our silo’s down and realize that all those pet projects only happen when they become one silo.

Take back the country from the Regressives.

That said, it being a new year, and a new focus, we gonna make some changes around here.

Which means a few definitions are likely in order:

Regressive: A Republican.

Regressive Party: The Republican Party.

iDJiT: the incoming chief Executive of the executive branch of the US government.

Pud: The theocrat vice_executive.

Gonna get real, folks. Dyss is back in the house, and she feels like redecorating…