On the Russian Revelations

I know ya’ll are salivating over the way the iDJiT is reacting to the fact that he won by cheating and is trying to blow it off.

What you are missing, though, is how he won by making “progressive” and “Liberal” people fight over who to support, and through the spreading and manipulation of the news and information about Hilary Clinton.

Which means everyone that was saying shit like “Shillary” were and are part of the problem — factually.

Now, the best part, still, is that by having it come out now, right at the time when “progressive” and “liberal” groups should be getting back together and going “well, shit, we got played” and not arguing about which candidate should have or could have won, and fighting with each other over it, the folks who manipulated the election are getting the second big win:

They are destroying the opposition from within.


If you think that my stating a fact above — the thing about shillary — is a bad thing, and offensive, then you are missing the point.

And proving mine.