On the Holy Shit We gotta get this mofo GONE now!

So today a ban on Muslims from a selection of countries that had nothing to do with 9/11 began to be enforced, under the aegis of being an action to affect the countries from which the terrorists came, even though they all came from countries where iDJiT has business interests — none of which were even affected by the act.

Today, as a result, we have at least one attempted suicide *in an airport* by a woman about to be deported, American Citizens detained, their social media accounts demanded and researched, and their opinions on iDJiT examined.

That last one I can tell you how I would respond, but the language necessary for me to do so is already blocked by the filters I have on this blog. Suffice to say, though, that it would involve actions that are decidedly not possible for the small handed fascist fuck that obviously paid someone to have sex for him.

Earlier, I posted this on my FB page:

Yes, it really is this bad. Breathe. Cry. Shake your fists. Scream. And Resist, in *every* way you are capable.

And then I followed my own advice. I took a deep breath  I shook my fists.  And I screamed.

In rage in sadness in hope in defiance

And my 86 year old neighbor came over to check on me and make sure I was ok.

Yeah, really. I don’t even like her very much — she bothered me when she found out I was setting up to have irrigation. But she came to check on me (and in fairness I have checked on her, because, well, she doesn’t give me shit these days and defends me to her own kids).

I followed the post up with “maybe don’t scream”.

But I was screaming because of the very thing I have been blathering on about so much these days: human rights were being abused.

Illegally, even — blatantly so — and in particular involving a law Republicans passed because they were being dicks. Of course, also in violation of human rights and the constitution, but that’s the point.

Holy Fuck — it’s been two fucking weeks, and EVERY SINGLE DAY the mother fucking orange fuckup has done something that would sink any other administration.

China is talking about war.  Iran is banning American Citizens — which means we can’t fucking meet the whole nuclear treaty deal. Los Angeles has certainly lost the Olympic Games that were pretty much a given for them to have until this bullshit.

The Statue of Liberty is a symbol that I adore. It is one that I find is essential to the character and magnanimous nature of this nation that I have been shot defending, and nearly blown the fuck up protecting.

Yeah, there are problems — I have white liberal fragility and white conservative overt racism, misogyny from feminists, transphobia from gay folks, my own utterly fucked up and contradictory shit to deal with when it comes to ableism — where I am still dealing with my own while also being a person who deals with a chronic disease that makes me fucking sore all the time and zero money for even the bare copay of 150 bucks a month for the meds to control it.

But the thing is, this is a nation where, until now, within my lifetime, even the most fucking assholish asshole was at least someone you could do something in terms of relating to them, could get them to at least look you in the eyes politiely while they decided how to stab you in the back and be sure that they were going to suffer for it.

Not this piece of shit. Dubya is an immense improvement on him, Nixon was a better Person than he is.

Yeah, you read that right.

Then we have Tony Perkin’s aryan idolater as next in line.

The fucking speaker of the house draws from Nazi imagery for his own graphic design.


Every single day, and now I have Kellyanne COnway saying “get over it” to me, when I’m the sort of person that puts on a “trans people exist, get over it” t shirt and says “oh yeah?  You telling me?” to myself because I have that great a problem with authority that I even give myself shit about it — and my whole schtick right now is authority based.

Welp, now I won’t be getting over jack shit.

I am willing to marry a person seeking asylum — provided, of course, I can stand them (and they can stand me, natch).  Being bisexual, boy or girl is not a big deal (though, well, I admit to favoring gals right now, and my languages other than English still suck).

I mean that, btw.  I will do it to save a life, and I know Dave would have no issue with it — and while I would hope Les wouldn’t be too upset, I am expereinced enough now to realize yeah, he would, but he would’t like it.

I mean, seriously — this is the most fucked up of fucked up things, and it is only going to get worse.

Two weeks, and he has destroyed the work of generations in international relations. Two weeks and he has done more harm to the country than any number of psychotic militias in Idaho.

Two weeks and he has sparked the beginnings of a trade war with our third largest trading partner, and threatened to cost Americans their jobs and raise their costs for pretty much everything they love — by taxing them.

He is a fucking incompetent shit, and I am beyond mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

I am at that point where I actually pulled my shotgun out and cleaned it and looked up prices for shells.

I didn’t even do that when I tried to kill myself a decade and change ago.

In ten years, we have changed our country so much, that a backlash was inevitable, but this is beyond backlash for that alone.

This is White Supremacy of the worst kind.

The highest ranking Military officer in the US — the Chairman of the Joint Cheifs — is no longer welcome in National Security briefings, people.  You know why that happens?

So that the military cannot do a coup, because they lack information on the principals.

You are literally watching a naked, unabashed power grab by actual fascists and literal Nazis.

They are trying to dismantle this nation, and I am truly doing my best not to give in to cynicism, but…

Holy shit.

Each day, I lose more and more will to deny civil war has come. I read that California is putting secession on the ballot, and I shake my head because no, that is not the way.

I am a scientist — I see the patterns, the effects, the repeated and constant evidence.

And I scream.

I am terrified for my son. Not worried, terrified. He is young, hispanic, gay.

I am certain that I will end up in a fight in a civil conflict, and that I will have to do what I once promised I would never do again: take a life.

Worse — take a life of another citizen. Because we will be at war with each other.

And I am equally certain I won’t survive long, because I am a mixed race bisexual trans woman who puts herself in front of others to shield them from the harm others would do to them.

I couldn’t stop myself even if I wanted to do so — and I know that because I have done it.

This is fast ceasing to be a resistance and becoming the fertile ground for rebellion.

These people are not — in any way, shape or form — Americans in the sense of what that has meant for 240 years. They are not even just unAmerican.

They are anti-American, and there are 16 of them between a new election.

One thing I can say, though, and it is a big one:

It will be civil war when an ardent supporter of the orange fuckup is murdered. Because there will reprisals for it.

And that is what creates the need for greater security from our fellow citizens.

And that is what will spark civil war.

Pray, American Citizens who are loyal to the constitution and the idea of human rights.

Coming from a person for whom prayer is a bad thing (literally — you do not want the attention of my gods), that should tell you much.