On The Threats to American Lives

We have no Ambassadors in any nation, anywhere in the world.

The Ambassador to the UN has threatened all those present.

China is talking about declaring war on the US

Russia has interfered in the US election

The Executive Branch is charged with enforcing the rulings of the courts. The people who are supposed to enforce the rulings of the courts are the ones the courts are ruling against.

The Executive Branch is the cops. The FBI — the federal police — are headed by someone who wanted this turd in office so much, he refused to do his job.

The heads of domestic Agencies are not in place. The major leaders of the Diplomatic corps are gone.

The executive Branch is placing gag orders on federal employees

The Executive branch is refusing to speak to the press, and defaming any org that is not completely praising them.

The Speaker of the House has used Nazi imagery in this office’s logo.

America First — a nazi slogan since before World War 2 — has been used by the Chief executive

The Media is being called “the opposition Party” — and they are not a party. This is meant to silence them, reduce their import, and — most importantly — ignore the actual opposition party.

Borders are being closed — and there is no way to use customary channels.

Our government literally does not have people in place to make effective decisions and review things for legality.

Suspension of Due Processwas declared i the EO on the Ban of persons from nations.  The law says that such bans cannot be declared on the basis of a national origin.

Discussion of suspension of “Innocence until proven guilty”? They are talking about posting the images of alleged immigrants who have been charged with crimes, even before they go to trial.

Sealing of Bordersis going on with the ban and the wall.

Disempowering the Military is through removing the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from the National Security Council. As well as the leader of the Intelligence Agencies.

All they need now is an excuse to declare martial law. Oh, wait, massive protests… (Check).

The Ban was justified by saying that the people from these countries represent threats to US people. Except that no American has *EVER* been killed by extremists from any of these nations.

The nations that were selected have no business contacts with iDJiT. The nations where extremists have come from that have killed Americans are all countries where iDJiT has business interests — and not one of them is in the ban.

The nations selected have the *smallest number* of Islamic extremists.

Republican Party operatives are working on selling the idea of secession to Californians through #CalExit — and in the White House, this is looked on favorably, because of the damage it will do to the Democratic Party and the ability of the Democratic Party to engage in effective Governmental Resistance (a needed step in order to secure Republican Party Power on a solitary basis).

It will also allow the Administration to engage in using the military to subdue of conquer the state using the same rationales as were used to justify Reconstruction in the South — giving them a war, giving them the ability to declare martial law nationwide, and more.

These are threats to this nation.  The current Administration is Anti-American (not merely UnAmerican, but actively, wilfully, intentionally Anti-American.  Against America, against the Constitution, against the Declaration.

I am sitting here these days, and I am terrified for my child.  Like many Americans, my immediate response when you threaten my children is to ready myself to kill those who threaten them. Even if it means I die.

This is terrifying. This is the end of everything I believe in — in human rights, in Liberty and Compassion and the very things I was shot and bled for as a soldier.