On The 1st Constitutional Crisis (of many) What A Lovely Day!

Today the Department of Homeland Security announced that it was not going to be complying with the Court Order that stopped the ban on persons entering from majority muslim nations.

As a note, before I go on, this ban is an example of Anxiety and Aversion — possibly Animus, given the reticence to address this point previously. It is an act of using systemic power to make it a reality.  That makes this act one of oppression.  Since Oppression is violence, it is a violent act as well.  Because it is oppression and violent, it is immoral, unethical, indecent, and anti-American.

If you have *any* hesitation about understanding that what I just said was factual, three things:

  1. Fuck you, you are a shitty human person
  2. Fuck you, you are a shitty person
  3. Stop being an ignorant fuck and read the pages I have written and learn something.

Continuing on.

The act of the Executive Branch refusing to acknowledge the Court Ruling is a criminal one, and, if it can be shown the directive to do so came from anyone in the cabinet, grounds for impeachment and conviction.

Which is unlikely at this point, as it will take a couple more before the House of Representatives under Paul Ryan grows balls enough to do so (excepting the women, who already have much larger one’s than any man there, even the ones I am certain are fascists themselves).

The action had significant effects globally, but one in particular stands out: Iraq canceled all Visas.  For those who are unaware, most of the mercenary “private contractors”, oil corporation businessmen, and of course, soldiers who were there providing arms and support in the fight against ISIS (which is one of 3 fronts against  ISIS) are now all present in that country illegally.

This is likely to be followed by an end to the allowing of US forces to be staged there.

Without that staging capacity, there is no way to mount an effective, US led campaign to combat ISIS. It is not possible.

Which means this Executive Order of the Pretendent has made it much more difficult for him to meet his Campaign Promise of ending ISIS.  Indeed, at this point, he has to completely renegotiate all the terms with the 9 countries that he will need the support of in order to mount *any* American action, unless he plans to invade, which will require a massive build up of manpower through volunteers, since the US has a voluntary military.

He cannot engage a Draft — and if he does try, God help the man, because that has worked out so well in the past.

So this is a serious matter.

He has engineered a constitutional crisis and undercut his own effort to meet his campaign promises by enacting an order that was never put through the normal channels.

They call this efficiency. IT is, factually, a business style decision — those department are full of stupid people, just write it, tell them to deal with it.

That is not how Government works, nor is it a model for government, although no one presently in charge at the Executive Branch (which is shy of pretty much everyone needed to run it, including diplomats who do the heavy lifting in foreign nations that we call Ambassadors) seems to be aware of this.

Also important is that none of the missing spots are able to be filled — there is a hiring freeze on.  Experienced personnel in the State Department are being urged to quit in a subtle effort at purging by making them uncomfortable and overworking them.

Among those who are most affected by this are Foreign Service State Department employees. These are the people who are working in embassies all over the world, including those who are presently trapped in the American Embassy in Iraq.

Deja fucking Vu there.

These are the people who have been vetting all the travelers who have come over here to the US, and are now having their work labeled useless and not good enough.

They also have no bosses, I remind, since there are no ambassadors.  Their families are there in many cases.  They are, effectively, being abandoned by the Administration.

As are any US Travelers abroad, for whatever reason, should they find themselves in need of US assistance.

And there won’t be alone to replace them, and there is no way for them to come home at present, since they have no boss to make such a thing possible.

If I were them, I would be terrified of an attack on an embassy, since there is no one is charge there and it seems like the current administration doesn’t care.

trying to think of a time recently when an embassy was attacked and the people in charge had their head up their asses and the only one I can think of is the make believe story that was used to attack Clinton during the Campaign.

Speaking of the Campaign, less than 6 hours after being sworn in , the iDJiT filed his paperwork to begin running for the office of president of the United States in 2020.

Yes, that means he has already started running again for re-election.  He has a PAC created that is already advertising on television and when you call the number, they ask for 100 or 200 dollars in donations.

Meanwhile (yes, I know, a lot is going on, and that’s the way they like it, since that means folks in the alphabet News media cannot keep up with them) they also removed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the National Intelligence Advisor from the Prinicpal National Security Meetings, AND added Bannon, a known fascist, white supremacist and anti-semite with islamophobic rallying cries to said national Security group.

And the order to ignore the court appears to have come from him (full circle, isn’t that nice?).

Meanwhile, heard trough the door, the Pretendant iDJiT screamed “don’t they know that I’m fucking President?” in response to the news about the protests in the Airports, which puts the lie to his happy go lucky claims earlier that “everything was going nicely”, said with a big smug smile that indicates this twit has no fucking clue what is going on around him thanks to Pence, Bannon, Conway, and that means Spicer is left out in the cold, and simply has to do what he is told to do as the MOUTH OF iDJiT…

Needing a break from all this bad news and these phone calls with Saudi Arabia (a country which has banned all Trans people from every entering it and still executes gay people as criminals as well as being the perfect trading partner for racists and misogynists, being famously racist and misogynist itself), the amazingly incompetent iDJiT decided to go and watch “Finding Dory”.

Immediately afterward, he came out and was handed a statement by Senators John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of whereever the hell he’s from about how what he did with the executive order was illegal and unconstitutional.

Which sent him to his phone where he said that criticiszing him is what will lead to would war 3, and wondered why they would do that.

I am not making this shit up, folks.  This is all right now.

But wait, there’s more!

This was a “senior White official” who is saying that the President doesn’t give a shit about what some court in a city that doesn’t like him has ruled, thus indicating the rule of law has ended.

Exciting time to be alive, isn’t it?


This was KellyAnne Conway allowed to ramble on in a whining tirade about how she thinks that reporters that criticized the iDJiT should have been fired — which has additional pow when you add it to the tweet this morning where iDJiT demanded that someone buy the New York Times in order to “run it properly”, which obviously means in a manner that is not as critical.


That isn’t even all the news from today alone…

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