On the iDJiT Today: January 31st, 2017

During a Vote along party lines Betsy DeVos, who has made a political career of dismantling, defunding, and destroying education, has been confirmed.

As I have noted previously, none of these nominees can actually be stopped from being confirmed without our collective effort.  That effort cannot be directed against Dems, as what they need is encouragement and aid (and the occasional push away from party lines) while we need to focus our efforts on the Republicans, in order to create a reliable block that is interested in surviving the upcoming devastation we are going to unleash in the 2018 elections on their power.

Because we will folks — there is, right now, no party lines outside of those who support and defend the Constitution and oppose fascism, and those who hate the constitution and support fascism.

This is an evolution of a civil war, one that will show that violence is not necessary to revolution. We can do it, because we, of all people, have the greatest duty and obligation to.

Both the Republican and iDJiT plans for tax reform involve stripping the effective tax deduction for charitable giving, thus undercutting the greatest tools to oppose them. This is not a new idea — they have long opposed the tax deduction for charitable giving. This is in addition to increasing the taxes on poor and middle class voters making less than 100k a year.

As the afternoon dragged on, iDJiT promised to life regulations on medications.  This is essentially saying that snake oil is completely legal to sell, and that science has no place in law, since the regulations on medications are intended to make sure that what is sold to the public is safe and tested thoroughly.

Which takes a lot of time, and that annoys drug makers because they don’t like that they have to subject their drugs to testing by people other than themselves (which means they can decide “eh, it’ll only kill 25% of the people taking it, that’s reasonable, and its not like we have to tell them”, so, yeah).

Stocks fell again, withe the S&P and DOW both down today.  Wall Street doesn’t like what’s going on.

the Mouth of Sauron came out today and said don’t call the ban a ban.  Which is kinda contradictory.  But he’s doing it because he is told to do it — you know, like the boss guy who has been calling it a ban telling him to do so — but the reason the boss is upset is because everyone is telling him he fucked up.

He still doesn’t think he did.  If he could fire the GOP the way he fires an Attorney General, he would.  He is running the government the same way he runs his business — which is why he is so bad at this.

Dems have boycotted a critical couple of meetings involving people to be confirmed — because there are people who have been lying.

The head of the European Union has declared the US as an External Threat to the European Union.

External Threats do not get favorable trade or legal status.  It is bad. Very bad.  Like, horrifically bad.

This is like us saying that Mexico is a threat to us.  Oh, wait…

Ok that’s like saying Canada is a threat to us. Yeah, that one.

With under four hours to go to the SCOTUS announcement, and a good chance that the mainstream media (see my new page here on what that means) is being played, this post is going up…