On Them Coming For US

They have come for Mexicans, and they walled them.

They have come for Muslim immigrants, and they have outlawed them.

Now they are coming for our Children’s education, and our ability to give them a decent education.

Now they are coming for our Justice, to make institutional racism, misogyny, and other oppressions the law of the land.

They claim they are not coming for LGBT people, but they are going to render the point of such effort moot, by allowing those who oppose them to continue to do so.

They have already come for your right to due process, your right to protest, your right to vote. And they have so much further to go.

On the announcement that he will enforce the LGBT order:

He is still going to do the RFRA act. Which will effectively render things so that those who don’t mind have no problem, and those who do mind have o problem — which neuters the purpose of the protections while allowing him to save face publicly.

In short, he will gut those by carving out an exception for homophobia, bipobia, and transphobia.

Republican Senators to focus effort on when it comes to creating an obstructionist bloc:

Rand Paul of Kentucky
Cory Gardner of Colorado
Susan Collins of Maine
Dean Heller of Nevada
Patrick Toomey of Pennsylvania
Ron Johnson of Wisconsin
Jeff Flake of Arizona
John McCain of Arizona
Marco Rubio of Florida

They are not so much friends, or even allies, so much as they are people for whom iDJiT is a problem.

These are the people who are least likely (right now) to support the individual in the highest office of the land.

This means that the people in these states need to be calling, visiting, and protesting these people to make them aware of the intense, loud, *patriotic* opposition to the policies, nominees, and decisions of this Administration.