On the iDJiT Today… Mid-Day edition

Well, been a long day, and its not even close to over.

The NYSE bell rings, and the DOW is down — under 20k.   Goldman Sachs has come out against the ban.

The Ban is not a Muslim Ban, says the Administration, which means they are still gearing up to do an actual Muslim Ban. Unless it is a Ban, which is what iDJiT has called it a few times.

I am taking heat on FB for not allowing supporters of fascist, human rights abuses to be in my personal friends list.  My response is tough shit. I do not argue about human rights — I will argue over their implementation, but not over them themselves, and the ban is exactly that.

The spin is in full gear on the ban, as they try to tie it to actions taken by Obama — using falsehoods to say that Obama did the same thing (factually, he did not), and that the adding of Bannon was done during the Dubya administration — also a flat out lie.

Ford has come out to shut it down.

David Axelrod was cited as having a similar position to Bannon, and the man himself laughed at the idea.

Robert Reich says that Republicans in Congress plan to impeach him, to which I say I will believe that when I see it, and right now I see it being shut down by Paul Ryan.

iDJiT came out and said he was going to announce his SCOTUS pick, and three candidates are generally floated.

The least objectionable is a woman, who has generally been ignored entirely by the main stream media alphabet groups, with focus on the three men.

One of them is considered the most objectionable, William Pryor.  He is not seen as a likely candidate by talking heads, but I am going to say that is who it will be. Already did, actually, but let’s make this official so I can eat my own words if by some miracle I am wrong.

Most of the news is focused on the stuff around the Ban and the Bannon, but scrolls are noting that North Korea is restarting its nucelar program — in defiance of the pressure put on it by the previous administration.

State Department Foreign Service workers and their families are still floating out in the wind.  A large number of them gathered together and used an internal system for them to file grievances without there being a way to punish them legally for doing so.

They submitted a strong, reasoned condemnation of the ban, and were summarily dismissed “Get with the program or get out”, according to the Mouth of Sauron, Spicer.

Tweets this Am from Der iDJiT claimed that the problems at Airports were caused by Delta Airlines having an issue — despite the fact that such didn’t happen until the second day of protests and then late in the day.

Brits in the UK came out and 1 million of them asked for iDJiT to be denied entry to the United Kingdom.

A white supremacist attacked a mosque in Canada last night, and this event was used to justify the Ban yet again.

That’s all for now on the iDJiT.

Remember folks, there is no level of safety that can ever possibly require denying someone their human rights. And, just to remind you of what those are in a simple format (as opposed to the more detailed version found here) I give you this:

Article 1 Right to Equality
Article 2 Freedom from Discrimination
Article 3 Right to Life, Liberty, Personal Security
Article 4 Freedom from Slavery
Article 5 Freedom from Torture and Degrading Treatment
Article 6 Right to Recognition as a Person before the Law
Article 7 Right to Equality before the Law
Article 8 Right to Remedy by Competent Tribunal
Article 9 Freedom from Arbitrary Arrest and Exile
Article 10 Right to Fair Public Hearing
Article 11 Right to be Considered Innocent until Proven Guilty
Article 12 Freedom from Interference with Privacy, Family, Home and Correspondence
Article 13 Right to Free Movement in and out of the Country
Article 14 Right to Asylum in other Countries from Persecution
Article 15 Right to a Nationality and the Freedom to Change It
Article 16 Right to Marriage and Family
Article 17 Right to Own Property
Article 18 Freedom of Belief and Religion
Article 19 Freedom of Opinion and Information
Article 20 Right of Peaceful Assembly and Association
Article 21 Right to Participate in Government and in Free Elections
Article 22 Right to Social Security
Article 23 Right to Desirable Work and to Join Trade Unions
Article 24 Right to Rest and Leisure
Article 25 Right to Adequate Living Standard
Article 26 Right to Education
Article 27 Right to Participate in the Cultural Life of Community
Article 28 Right to a Social Order that Articulates this Document
Article 29 Community Duties Essential to Free and Full Development
Article 30 Freedom from State or Personal Interference in the above Rights