On The Trans 100 for 2017

So a few of you may know that I have this project I started a few years back that is going forward after some slight restructuring and with a plan in place for the future.

It is called The Trans 100, and it seeks to recognize excellence in service to the community. Three years worth of members of this group have shown us some of the brightest stars in the US, and we are, this year, expanding that to an international base.

When I started the project, an amazing gal you might have seen on TV or an amazing web series named Jen Richards joined in, and with her incredible energy and ability to focus on it and the production of an event, and the surprise began.

Jen has moved on to other things (though I hope to have her back one day as a curator again!) and while I was dealing with the issues surrounding my late husband, the just as amazing duo of Rebecca Kling and Crispin Torres stepped in and put togetehr a phenomenal effort that was just amazing as well.

Then, we went dark for a year.  This is, wholly, my fault, and I have talked about that in the past.  But The Trans 100 is back, and is just as dedicated to recognizing excellence and displaying the diversity, breadth and wonder of Trans people.

Only this year, we are doing it internationally as well.

There is more coming, as well, but given this task, this is the first thing.  Nominations for work done in 2015 and 2016 are open right now.

Nominations for North America are here!

Nominations for the International Trans 100 are here!

There are over 200 nominations right now, and I personally hope to see lots more nominations made before the deadline of March 1st comes. Since past members can be nominated as well, that is a big deal.

The basics are still the same — a group of curators are already combing through the nominations and doing research, even as they come in.  After the deadline, they will vote on the nominees, and the list will be structured and then set up in a downloadable document for printing.

There will not, sadly, be an Event this year.  To ensure that there is an event next year, however, The Trans 100 will begin accepting donations and doing campaigns, as the basis of The Trans 100 — its mission and focus, is to lift up Trans people, and, well, it has become pretty obvious that we cannot stop at just doing the 100 folks featured each year.

With your hoped for help, we are going to embark on a series of additional projects that seek to raise awareness of,  bring notice to, uplift and empower trans people across the world.

Among the various projects:

The Trans Rating project, where you can take an episode of a TV show, a web series, a film, a novel, a comic book, and more and rate it for the way it represents Trans people, and in the process creating what will be a searchable database of media that we can use to help guide the way that trans people are portrayed in the media and represented to the public in many different formats.

The Vanguard Awards, to recognize and honor those who have passed on, but left to us a legacy of Excellence in service to community — the men, women, both, and neither on whose shoulders those of us stand as we strive for authenticity and recognition and rights.

The Trans 100 Event, which, starting in 2019, will begin traveling around the country to a different city each year, where the Trans 100 itself will be broadcast live over the internet worldwide, both within  North America and also around the World where it is possible.

There is more as well, still in early stages and often dependent on funding, but the overall objective of the Trans 100 is to ultimately provide support to those projects, organizations, and efforts which serve to empower, enrich, and uplift the Trans community in all its diversity.

Watch The Trans 100 website closely as it closer to the International Trans Day of Visibility on March 31st, when the 100 is released.