On when GOP Regressives appropriate the NWA

So it appears that the Republican effort to eat the moderates is in even more full swing than it is on the left.

The party that claims to be about Law and order has begun attacking the very foundations of law and order in earnest, by doing the very thing they have said that the left has been doing:

Going after cops.

The nation’s cops are the FBI. They are, by and large, an organization that is exceptionally conservative. Their very job — policing — is a job, however, that exists to preserve the status quo — and that status quo is racist, sexist, etc.

That the portion of the right in power right now — an extremist right — finds itself at odds with the FBI is a testament both to the fact that policing seeks to preserve the status quo and that the status quo has dramatically changed since the days of Hoover.

It also stands as evidence that the many conspiracy theories of the left about this group of thugs and thieves in power are pretty much dead on.

They want to get rid of all the moderate or left leaning authority there. To stop an investigation before the mid terms — before summer, in fact, so they can claim victory and muddy the waters in the election with those who are too gullible, too ignorant, and or too misinformed about things.

You know them as suburban and rural white voters.

Why would they want to do that?

Look to the South. To the efforts to strip governors of power granted them by a constitution.

To the fight over gerrymandering.

To the constant cat call of voter fraud.

To the desire to tell all the folks on the left that they should never vote for a Democrat, because Democrats are all bad.

To the fear on the right that they will be seen for evil they are, and removed from power.

The leadership knows they are destroying this nation. They admit it, openly, happily.

So what will you do about it, as even the police are attacked for not being as violent, abusive, and properly vicious as the fuck tha Law party moves forward?