On “Let’s have a parade!”

So the 1950’s were, if you were to live in the glorified, nostalgia tinged universe of the GOP Regressive Party, just plain old fucking awesome.

Everybody had money, the US economy was gangbusters, investment was rampant, mom and pop could open a shop and feed a family of five, air conditioning was making the dry desert — oh, wait, that was next decade.

So there were things we, in the US, did. We celebrated Labor Day on May 1st. The Pledge did not have under God in it. We had large military marches that were great for discipline.

Then came the Russian threat. Which was really already there — they had been allies, after all. And the US was nothing like Russia.

We know because the Pledge was changed to include Under God, military marches were discontinued, and we moved Labor Day to September because fuck that shit, them Russians did all that shit.

The folks who did all of that were what were called Republicans in the Era that finally ended with Reagan in the White House.

The Old man took a lot of heat for being an actor, but these days folks have mostly forgotten that he was also a popular-ish Governor in the days “before California went Liberal“.

People also forget that Republicans — a political party that used to exist before the Regressive Party emerged from the combination of alt-right, tea party, and Religious right dominionists that took it over from 2002 to 2010 — are the ones that changed the Pledge, that stopped the marches, and that ended May Day celebrations.

The march that is being sought is a call back to the era of the orange fuck shitting in the White house’s childhood. Which is typically a reaction to stress in a normal person.

Ever wonder why every tinpot dick potato ever does these kinds of parades? To show strength. To show power. To show that they can beat and destroy any force that they want. Because they are afraid.

Guess what the official reasons for wanting one are.


The United States, following the successful, sustained attack by terrorists in 2016, is now a nation of fear. A country of Anxiety. Close the doors, board the windows, and hope the bad guys don’t get in.

The terrorists, home grown and hostile, want to eat everyone who is not like them or won’t serve them. The feudal lords, corporate and filthy rich, that back the terrorists, are salivating over power as they dismantle all the limitations on their ability to increase wealth, influence, and power — fearful that they cannot do it in time, and of an uprising that would cost them too much.

Everyone else is fearful for their lives, their children, their futures. About half the white women, all the women of color, all the men of color, all the gays and lesbians and trans people and disabled people and…

Yeah. Us.

Now our own Banana Republic figurehead, our own bumbling fool of a tool for the leadership of the GOP Regressive Party, wants to have a March to scare the shit out of everyone, because it will make him feel better.

It will likely make the terrorists feel better, too.

It will scare the shit out of people who put him there.

And it will remind the rest of Us that what we are resisting, and what our children and grand children Resist, is exactly this kind of fascist, totalitarian law.

Only one crime is listed in the Constitution.

It is the one that serious, country before party type Dems really want the investigation to uncover. Not to simply impeach.

But to lock away, execute, and bury somewhere forever unknown.

Because treason is aiding the enemy, and if the Russians did aid him, then he has, in fact, aided them.

That would be historic, yes, but it would be something else, as well. It would be the nail that drives these forces back into the dark crevices they came from.