On that “divisive language” I use…

So more than a few folks have gotten their knickers in a twist over my use of terms like







And the insistence I have in most interpersonal situations of using the terms

Anxiety, anxious, worried, panicked

Aversion, aversive, defensive, deflecting

Animus, intense dislike

When I reference people who are totally on board with most of those things called human rights, but find that folks with darker skin color and who love the wrong sort or have broken bodies or even want to mess up their bodies for selfish reasons and pretend to be something they are not all wantspecial rights and privileges that regular folks just don’t have.

Now, some of these folks don’t like me using these words because they expect me to use words like racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, islamophobic, transphobic, etc.

I mean, this is me, after all, and I tend to be the first to call being a bag of dicks a bag of dicks.

They don’t get it. This group is mostly made up of people who try really hard not to be any of the things those words talk about. Like myself, they put in effort to be decent people.

Like myself, they don’t always succeed.

Then there is the group that I do use those words in reference to. They don’t like it because to them it sounds like I am calling them bad people.

I am. I tell them that, too.

Once in a really great while, one of them will point out that everyone is ignorant and no one is uniformly competent at everything.

To which I always agree. However, to oppose human rights and then talk about them or act against them is pretty fuckin ignorant and always dine incompetently. Because opposing human rights in a nation literally created because of them is an expression of incompetence that is breathtaking and only matched by the ignorance that enables such.

They will then ask me if I am christian, to which I always so no, and that, of course, leads to them wondering how someone without a moral basis like me can competently argue that they are immoral or amoral (something they often don’t know the difference between).

Which further demonstrates their incompetence since they leaped to a conclusion about me, about morality, and therefore about my competence, which means when they directed it at me means they lied, which is immoral, and unethical, but also lets me point out that there are more religions in the world than just Christianity and religion isn’t necessary for a moral system in a secular government that codifies morality via human rights as the core precepts.

About this time they are angry, and go off on a personal attack spree, further cementing their incompetence, ignorance, lack of morality, indecency, and so forth.

Usually with all manner of homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, and racist crud.

All of this to say that they don’t like being called those things, but mostly because those things are not what they expected me to call them.

Because none of those things are what they think of as slurs. Which is good. Because they aren’t. They are statements of fact given life and potency only through the actions of those folks they are targeted at.

And arguing against them means they have to show they are not such things in order to do so, since those things are always established by their own actions.

They are far, far superior terms to things like idiot, moron, stupid, dumbass, motherfucker, shithead, etc.

And they are the basis of racism, sexism, etc. see Oppression.

So I am calling them all those things.

I am just doing it sideways.